It can only get better

I tried starting a blog post before the week began, talking about how I was trying to pump a lot of optimism into my upcoming week. It had been a rather chaotic one. I like “busy,” but sometimes it doesn’t work too well with other distractions. Still, I capped the previous week with some much needed “me” time last Friday which was the best part of those 7 days. (Note to self: you should do this more often.)

And we’re at Wednesday. I try to write more but I really need a major push forward there.

Work was hectic as can be, and while I don’t think we’re getting a reprieve for what’s left of the week. I hit the ground running and energized. Maybe it was the quiet weekend with my not so little guy. I took the time to breathe, stayed up late on Saturday with a new earring design I couldn’t stop making (!), and slept til noon the following day to give my body a chance to bounce back.

And Friday came again.

There are times when you really just need to pull away from the fray and sit quietly in a corner.  It was one of those days, and I focused on happy and positive thoughts, and some happy time over lunch.  I needed to recharge. I needed to lift my spirits up and find those feel good moments to make up for the bad ones. I had dessert. Without guilt.

Dessert from Ortzi
Gone are the days when I would be chided for even considering one. Part of me hasn’t quite gotten used to the idea that it IS okay to indulge once in a while…I still ask if I can get dessert. (And I’m trying to get rid of that habit..)

Focus on the good things and then tuck the negative away, and embrace the thought that it can only get better. Take care of you!

Home sweet home

Do you ever work from home? I am fortunate enough to be in a position that can occasionally take that option, and my job has entitled me to a home office set up that guarantees connectivity and access. So let’s just say I had to work from home, I have a laptop and printer/scanner, a mobile WiFi device, and my smart phone is company issued so I can have mobile access. Our phone system is configured in such a way that I can trigger phone forwarding remotely, either through my mobile or laptop. And yes, there’s the IPad. So you can say I am all set and able to work from home whenever the need arises.

The downside is that my position, by itself, is an “in person”, “on the job” engagement– I have to be there. Today, though, was one exception, because the boss is in another state, and she was even kind enough to tell me herself to work from home. While that might sound quite the privilege — working from home literally means monitoring my iPhone and/or laptop for the email traffic, and like most days, almost memorizing my boss’s calendar as everyone wants to get on it. (I am proud to say that you can ask me about a particular date in the next 60 days and I would be able to tell you if my boss was going to be in town or elsewhere. Then again, I have an exceptional memory.)

I was looking forward to sneaking in some chores (like doing my laundry.. yeah, right).. clearing the space where I usually put up my Christmas tree.. getting some grocery shopping done.. getting the poster board for Angelo’s high school audition, and maybe putting away my summer clothes. But there were early morning fires to be put out at work, and lo and behold, I just discovered my kitchen sink was leaking. I cleaned the mess up under the sink, called the management office, and decided to write here while waiting for the maintenance guys to come (to my rescue), or for the email alert to ring on the laptop.

A relaxing day, it is not.

My superheroes did arrive and the busted sink is busted no more. I did get to do my laundry, and some grocery shopping, and I got the big boy started on his audition piece, but didn’t quite get him to where I wanted us to go. But it was a start.

That’s how my day went– and I don’t think it was that bad at all, but it could’ve been better. See? Working from home isn’t always such a breeze unless the idea is not to really work.