I know I’ve been absent for two months.   Yes, two whole months — and that was after a promise of posting more regularly.

First, the excuses.

Well, technology got the better of me as firewalls and security protocols made it impossible for me to log on to the site to post.  That could be my best excuse but it’s not the only one.

I have not had time to write.  Sad.

So enough of the reason why, and let’s begin with what I have been up to the last 8 or so weeks I have been out of circulation.

I turned 52!  Where did the year go… When I was younger, I used to think that getting older would be such a sad turn for me, but as 51 and now 52 came, I actually feel pretty good about it.  I am in a better place.  I am happier.  And I think I’ve achieved a sense of calm in my life which has helped me to cope better with life in general.

I’ve started sewing.  A while back, I enrolled in two sewing courses over at Mood U that gave me the basic knowledge I needed to actually make a sewing machine work, read and cut patterns to make an actual piece of clothing, and I am hooked.  That doesn’t bode well for my other crafts but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

I’m one of those people with odd shaped bodies that isn’t a perfect size anything.  One part of me is another size and the other half is another.  So it’s always been a challenge trying to find something that fits well.  It also helps to know that something that would cost me $300 off the rack can cost me as little as $100 or much less if I patiently made it myself, so sew away, I am happily doing.

Reeeeaaaadddddiiiiinnnnngggggg again.  I’ve finished one book, I’m reading a second and inching away on another.  The thing is, I am reading.

Let me hit “publish” because this ends up withering away in my draft box again.  With any luck, I will be back again tomorrow.  (Yay!)


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