Monday Musings on a Tuesday: Christmas Edition

Monday musingsCan you believe it’s Christmas already? In a few days it will be 2019 and we get to start over. I’m all giddy about the fact that I’m back here so soon after the last post, and I’m hoping the writing streak holds. Just random blurbs here on things I feel like writing about, although not as a full blog post.

So even if this was meant to post Monday — and of course the Christmas Eve prep and all got in the way — I thought I’d try and finish it and just publish whatever I come up with.

Rainy Christmas Eve Monday. I woke up to a cloudy day which turned out to be a bit of a drizzle later, and I had to hop on the bus to grab some last minute items for Christmas dinner with my guy. The sun started peeking out by the time I got to Manhattan, and while the clouds seem to be bent on staying, it’s a rather mild day. Lucky for the tourists roaming the city — and there were a lot of them.
Wet Christmas Eve in NYC

Bryant Park after the rain on Christmas Eve

Days like this make me miss home. It was always busy on Christmas Day as our relatives came for Christmas breakfast, or for some, lunch. It was a big production for us — with mom’s famed Karekare (Ox tail in peanut sauce) and her Leche Flan and Fruit salad. Of course we couldn’t have Christmas breakfast without the Spanish chocolate and quezo de bola!

It has been a while since I celebrated Christmas back home– it was back in 2013, and that wasn’t exactly a happy Christmas for me at the time. But my holidays have changed dramatically since, and I am back into the spirit of having a merry time.

Reviving my art journal. I tried in 2018 and that ended up nowhere. I had an art journal that I had worked on and which I hope to re-bind, and it helped me in many ways during a very trying and difficult time. The relaxation and the de-stressing it provided me, and now, the memories and realization of how far I’ve come have made the entire exercise very meaning to me. While I may be in a much better place right now compared to where I was when I was working on it back then, I think the positivity and joy should be documented and expressed with the same fervor as those negative emotions. Fingers crossed!

Destashing. For starters, I gave away a coat to the coat drive in Grand Central terminal. I have weeded through my clothes and continue to go through it, and three bins laters, I have one balikbayan box full of clothes to send back home. I went past the “Does this still fit me?” Criteria and simply went with “Will I wear this again in the next 12 months?” Sometimes there is such a compulsion to hold on when what we really must do is let go. I would rather see my clothes make someone else happy or find some use in someone else’s closet.

I’m hoping to continue to simplify goals and life in general — and hopefully have a more balanced self in the year ahead. What are you doing to make things better for you?

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