Monday Musings: New Year’s Eve

Monday musingsI don’t really want this to turn into a Monday Musings only blog, but I am beyond thrilled that I am back before the week was up, writing another post. I would like to believe that I’m getting back into the swing of things, even as I’m writing this at past midnight of Sunday, but technically the first minutes of Monday.

I am hoping to get up early enough to head into the city to grab a fresh cut of a porterhouse for two.. our noche Buena of choice, between my now growing bigger and taller guy and I.

Our New Year’s Eve date. He may be a picky eater, but he is a very discerning carnivore. He knows regular from Angus, so spending on quality steak is not wasted on him. So I’m getting our steak from Cierrelo’s Fine Foods in Grand Central Market— my go to place for quality meats, as is or marinated. My date is not picky with sides– but he does prefer his steak with rice and a side of corn. That’s it. No fancy mash or vegetables, but I will prepare some for myself beyond the Almost perfect mash potatoes I ordered from Fresh Direct. I bought a half bottle of champagne because I will end up drinking more than half of a full bottle if I dared, and I’m hoping to whip up some fruit salad, Filipino style, if I get back in time.

Most stores close early this time of the year to give their employees a chance to go home to their families to celebrate, so I’m hoping for an early start myself.

Sewing away. I feel like I accomplished a lot this past weekend, redoing my holiday skirt and then hemming two pairs of pants shorter. All of the work was done sewing by hand, and I’m pretty proud of the work I did. I am most excited by my holiday skirt which I hope to wear to work this January — just to get more wear out of the gorgeous fabric I used. Watch out for that story in my craft blog, Gotham Chick. I had worked through sewing this piece mostly with my trusty sewing machine through the four nights before my holiday party — but decided to redo the finishing by hand. I am happy. I am hoping to make more pieces eventually.. but first, I have to

Organize my craft supplies. This seems like a never ending project but it is a must when you are sourcing materials constantly and trying to come up with new designs. I had stopped making new pieces before the holidays as work got busy. I have also been updating my listings in my Etsy Shop by providing tags that would help buyers find my store. I know I have to step up the social media marketing as well, but there are only so many hours in a day. I am trying..

Feeling grateful. Although the year had its challenges, I am grateful for a lot of things and I feel truly blessed. I am trying to look forward to 2019 with optimism and hope. I know it can only get better.

Here’s my New Year’s Greeting from NYC, taken December 31, 2018.

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