Out of focus

Today was one of those days that didn’t quite start out as I wanted it to. It’s the middle of the day and I should be preparing my lunch of half a slice of Brie and walnuts, but instead I am trying to release some stress by writing here.

So how did my morning go? I hustled the 10th Grader to get ready to catch the bus to the city when I got a frantic text from the boss before I could leave the house. I had to pause and concentrate and replied and finally walked out — then I realized halfway through to the bus stop that my phone wasn’t in my purse when I walked out the door. I sent the boy on his way and went back to retrieve my “lifeline”, relieved that the boss’s tech woes were over.

I caught the next bus, breathed deeply and started to get ready to do my morning bus routine. (Paint my face). There’s a good half hour between my stop to the last pick up, and the last passenger who got on the bus at the last stop started screaming. He was clearly upset. I was too far back in the bus to make anything of what he was blabbering about but he got our attention. Worse, he made me nervous. It appears someone accommodated a fare swipe, and another passenger grudgingly gave up her seat so he could sit alone. It was already jarring enough when he behaved the way he did getting on the bus, but he kept ranting throughout most of the trip.

I figured there were enough men on the bus to subdue him if he started getting physically disruptive, but my main concern really was that the bus driver would pull over and refuse to keep going which would put a major dent on my morning time table. (And forget that it’s UN week in New York which makes for traffic stoppages and major gridlock on my side of town!). It was the driver’s prerogative to interrupt the trip if he felt threatened in any way, and I am glad he decided to charge it to another New Yorker having a bad day.

My usual five minute ride from exiting the Midtown Tunnel to my stop at Grand Central took all of a half hour not even midway through. So I got off the bus two stops ahead and walked. I was still late. At this point, I was just praying that no more mishaps or curve balls would come my way.

And just as I was ready to make my routine stop to say a prayer at a church I pass, I got a text from the boss on an urgent message I needed to make sure was received and acted upon. I was late but I was working. And I got the job done.

My morning was not any less hectic than usual. I had a birthday present I had brought for one of my closest friends at work. This year, I was ready with a card and the gift– I just needed the gift bag and the tissue to wrap it in. I could’ve postponed for later in the day but I wanted to do something cheerful and positive. I am fortunate to work in a place where everything is just a literal hop, skip and a jump away.

I picked my gift bag and tissue and wrapped my present in one layer, layered the bottom with tissue and then inserted two more sheets for flair. I always loved wrapping presents. Wrapping gifts has always been a favorite part of the holidays for me. Nowadays, we do shortcuts with the gift bag but I am happy to jazz that up with my own touch. I needed some cheer.

The morning rolled off rather eventfully but with no major glitches. Still, these little things have sort of rattled me into being unsettled. I’m hoping writing will help calm me down to that level where it will no longer be a throughly bubble at the back of my head.

I am usually not so easily sidelined by the unexpected, but one after the other coming in one morning can be a stumbling block. The good thing is I have my ways to get back up on my feet again and keep going. I am trying.

I am focusing on the positive and digging into my bin of happy. Breathe in, breathe out. Just another day..

Out of focus

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