Sewing decisions(

We’re in that moment in between seasons when we start switching wardrobes and start getting ready for colder days. I know I have started getting the jackets and light coats ready. There are days when we can still get away with just a sweater or wrap, but we’ve been having cooler mornings and even colder nights.

The coats have started appearing in the shop windows and in the online stores — and I’m on the fence about getting new coats because I have quite the fabric stash to make the coats I’ve been dreaming about since last year. My goal is to actually work on at least one coat or jacket and actually finish it.

Sewing awayI am a novice sewist. I went to school to relearn the basics of sewing in two progressive classes, and I’d go for the third class but I don’t think I have the Saturdays to spare. Besides, I’d like to give sewing a go so I can see how I am with the sewing after those classes I took..

For a time, I found myself postponing the projects I had lined up because I wanted to lose enough weight to a certain size and then create pieces from there. After all, one of the reasons I wanted to learn to sew my own clothes was because I wanted good fitting ones that would be made by me for my not so normal body measurements. I’m one size at the shoulders, another at the bustline and another at the hips. If I had to buy a dress that had no “give” or stretch, I usually end up a size bigger than what my shoulders would be which makes for a sometimes awkward fit at the top. More so with coats and jackets– hence, the effort to come up with a bespoke piece.

With autumn here, I’ve decided there’s no avoiding sewing the pieces now. I have two skirts waiting to be sewn together — and at least two coat patterns to cut and sew.

My crochet hook and yarn stash have actually kept me busy. I am working on a triangle scarf from a pattern I bought online, and I have so far managed to keep working the rows — and this after finishing 3 winter hats or beanies. I have to put the hook down if I’m going to get any sewing done.

I’m going to try and at least get started on one sewing project this weekend.. fingers crossed.

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