Fridays be like..

I literally have a half hour to write here, edit and post– in keeping with my #10DayWritingChallenge, or I am going to break a 3-day streak.

I put my crochet hook down. I know, I said this weekend was about sewing, but I had some yarn arrive with the sundries I ordered from Walmart. I couldn’t resist.

I’ve started a third winter scarf, realizing I had used the wrong smaller crochet hook with the first 2, and not quite ready with the suggested bigger hook but hitting it in the middle. I think I like how this third piece is working out, and id rather write about that in my craft blog.

So how was your Friday?

Mine started off with such beautiful shadows in Grand Central. I would’ve stayed to take more pictures, but work was waiting. It was a busy day but I was too happy about Friday moving into the weekend that I didn’t mind.

Shadows on Friday

Friday’s are a happy thought for me any day of the week. And there are all those other happy thoughts which make for a hearty hug. I am sleepy but happy. Here’s to a productive and restful weekend!

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