19 for 2019 – An Update

For the past couple of years, I’d start the year with a list of things I wanted to accomplish, and I usually revisit it sometime during the middle of the year and before the year ends just by way of a personal check in.  Life’s been hectic, so I don’t have an update before today, and I don’t have a ton to report as accomplished, but I like going back if only to remind myself about the things I had hope to do.

1.  Read six books. – Take two. (Or is it three?). Reading has been slow.  I am trying.  Just to move this along, I’ve also started reading on my apps, but still crawling away.  And no, I’m not counting the audible stuff because listening is not reading.  (Plus, I do tend to fall asleep or wander off when it’s the spoken word.)  I am currently reading three books — so I am hoping that gets chalked up to the first half of the six.

2. Travel to one destination outside the tri-state area. – BFF Donna is planning to visit the US again with her family sometime in the summer had to cancel plans for a US trip so instead, I went back to Sydney for a quick stop during this year’s trip home.  Still hoping to do something different before the year ends, visiting another place outside the tristate area.

3. Learn something new via an actual class.  Working on this.

4.  Take better care of myself by exercising, losing more weight.  So I did get on the Keto Diet (which is begging for a series of posts) and I lost the weight.  I dropped down to a number that made me my lightest ever in practically the last 5-6 years, but there was a big BUT to the whole things.  Long and short of it is, I’ve dropped the diet, gained a few back, and trying to eat healthier.  I haven’t done as well with the exercising bit — but there is hope that I will actually find myself in the gym one of these days.

5.  Visit Central Park all four seasons.  I actually haven’t had the chance to visit Central Park all year, although I was at the periphery once or twice.  Fall being my favorite time to visit, (and practically the only time I regularly visit, at that), I will definitely drop by and try to come back each season hence.  (On to 2020)

6. Crafting reboot.  Although I haven’t been as diligent writing in my craft blog as I am with updating things here in my personal blog, I  have started crocheting again.  The jewelry bit needs a jumpstart, and I have to get on with the sewing soon.  Much progress here!

7. Destash more systematically. Still working on it, but I have been able to identify a lot to give away.  I need to work on the books, and the other things that I can just leave out for others to enjoy.  The ex had left a dinnerware set or two with me which I have absolutely no use for.  Time to leave them in the community dumpster with a sign and hopefully there will be takers.

8. Work on the Gift of 53. Epic fail.  The birthday came and went and I didn’t quite even get to anything close to doing what I did when I hit the big five -oh.  I am hoping the Gift of 54 will be a way for me to make up for being remiss.

9.  Write more.  For starters, I want to set a goal of posting once a week in the blogs.   (Which is principally this one and my craft blog.) –Although I have not posted once a week, I’ve tried to be more disciplined about writing and of challenging myself to write more.  I just concluded the 10 Day Writing Challenge which saw me writing spontaneously everyday for 10 days.  I must say I’m proud of myself, and am now looking at doing this for 30.  (!)

Work on my other social networking accounts by doing scheduled posts at least once a week.  Thing have rather slowed down, maybe because I try to be more deliberate with my posts instead of just writing something for the heck of it.  Still, my social media accounts are moving..

Resume my handwritten projects.  Journaling has always been such an outlet of release for me but I haven’t been doing it. Hardly did any in 2018. I am hoping I can go back to this in 2019, but I have not been able to despite a few slow starts.  I am thinking of doing something this last quarter, even if only to provide a springboard for 2020.  Let’s see.

10. Keep snail mail alive by writing a letter or sending out a card at least once a month.  I have around 5 cards written, but I really want to write the letters, and as of today, I am writing — just haven’t sent.  So this will surely be a happy ending when the year closes.

11. Rebind my art journal, begin a new one.  I just caught a glimpse of my art journal which I finished more than a year ago.  Almost two years now — and like I wrote up there, I haven’t been able to start a new one.  I am hoping to — soon.

12. Sample something new or visit a new restaurant or place (i.e., museum, intallation, etc.) and write about it.  I have visited a few restaurants but haven’t been able to write about it.  The museum visits continue to remain as plans.  Let’s see what happens for the rest of the year.

13.  Publish a postcard set.  I have the photographs but I haven’t quite gotten to this.  I am thinking this is better done in 2020.

14.  Visit at least one lighthouse.  At the start of the year, I wrote : “I would love to visit the Montauk lighthouse which I have visited maybe 3 times since I became a New Yorker, but which I last saw more than a decade ago.”  I’m actually looking to do this sometime soon, making plans, and hopefully doing it on the fly one of these weekends.  It is truly something I’m looking forward to doing for many reasons, and maybe this time, I might even catch a sunset there.

15.  Encode my poetry.  Another project in limbo.  The good news is, I’ve started writing again, although not quite as much as I used to.  The point is, I’m writing again.  After years and years of silence, that is good news, indeed.

16.  Visit more blogs / IG accounts. I joined “Medium” a few months back, and although I haven’t written anything in that forum, I have enjoyed reading others who right with a purpose, and who intimidate me into my corner by their writing.  It’s always a good read — and I’m just afraid that if I start writing there, I might actually lose focus here.  So, yes, reading other people more — and it’s been a fun journey.

17.  Do a fundraiser for Barangay San Vicente.  “My mother hails from a very poor community in Sorsogon in the province of Bicol.  x x x I want to be able to do a fundraiser for the young children there in time for the school opening. If not, for the Christmas season when my mom used to do a gift giving celebration for the young kids.”  I actually got to visit Barangay San Vicente this July after my mother fearlessly declared she wasn’t coming to Manila even if my son and I were arriving.  (And of course, in the end she did.)  It was quite the trip to get there and back — and I did take pictures, just not as much as I wanted.  And yes, I’d still like to do the fundraiser — just not hitting 2019.  For 2020 then.

18. Watch a live show or concert once a quarter. Another miss.  I have one quarter left — and hopefully will get that one show.. or two.

19. Undertake some home improvement projects. I’m almost at that time when the Christmas decorations need to be put up again.  I am seriously thinking of reconfiguring my living room, but it’s a little more complicated than moving the TV because I might actually have to reconfigure the cable connection.  And yes, the bathroom needs more work.. and the kitchen, too.  And I haven’t even started figuring out the budget.  Short of going DIY, I hope to get a few things done.  There is hope.

So that’s more or less where I am with the list right now. I’m not exactly disappointed but I think I’ve done okay. Plus, I do have a quarter of the year to go so all is not lost.

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