Friday Five

Friday5This one used to be a staple but it seems like I haven’t done one since the start of the year. The idea is to write 5 things I’m hoping to do, not just for the weekend, but for the week ahead as well.

1. Write at least one letter. The stationery is out already and I even have a list of people to write, and I hate that I haven’t written a single one. This one’s part of my 19 for 2019 list as well, and I’m not giving up on getting those letters out.

2. Create pieces for the shop. I want to say “a piece” but I know that when I pick up my tools, I’ll be creating a few. Traffic has been good but no sale — and while the thought is depressing, I know I need to exert more effort to get things moving.

3. Learn how to make the tassels for my triangle scarves. I would hate to use them without the tassel and I just need to sit down and make the three I need for even just one of the few I already have.

4. Destash my shoe rack. Self explanatory but so lazy to attend to it! There is a sense of urgency to this because I need to find a favorite pair of Platform heels which I know is somewhere out there.

5. Spend an hour writing in my art journal. It’s sad to think I’ve been lugging a piece of it around but have not gotten down to writing anything. I am determined to get this started and going to the coming year.