Holiday thoughts

So much for my Friday Five attempts that saw me falling silent again here for a couple of days.  But I am back and hoping to start my holiday blabbing.

Rockefeller christmas tree 2019

It’s already the 10th day of December and we’re not just counting to Christmas, but we’re also counting to the end of the year.

Like the journeys we take, the travel going to is always longer, and the return, a quick glimpse back.  I know a lot happened in 2019, and most of it, I am grateful for.  I try to dwell more on the positive and still try to dig the positive out of the not so happy thoughts.  But that’s another post.

New York is all festive and I got the chance to walk by Rockefeller Center before the weekend and saw how everyone was feeling christmassy with the holiday décor and the giant Christmas tree all lit up.  That, to me, has always been the symbol of the Christmas spirit here in the big apple.  With mixed holiday celebrations, Christmas is present but not everywhere and it makes me miss Christmas in Manila where it starts in September.  Maybe next year..

The lights and my parol is up — but I am still thinking about whether or not I will decorate my Christmas tree. I can totally skip it, but the boy is requesting we do it again this year.  I haven’t totally nixed the idea. It’s just that I have yet to find the right artificial tree that doesn’t shed as much as the one I have and the one before it. I am already dreading the clean up after even before I’ve taken the tree out of the box. Hmmmmmm…  Still, what is Christmas without a Christmas tree?  I remember during those years when we were suffering business losses, we still managed to celebrate and put up a gaily decorated tree to keep the holiday spirit alive.  And that saw us through the  holidays and made for good memories even when we weren’t having a particularly prosperous holiday.

Like recent holidays, this one is being split between the boy’s two parents.  It is just simply a fact of life for us now.  And I’m good with that.  He and I have our routine and are pretty adjusted.  We have always had smaller celebrations even when we were still complete.  Thinking about it now, we still are complete with just the two of us — and I like it that way.

And of course, I haven’t written my Christmas cards — but I have them.  A hodge podge of boxes from the last year or so.