Finding time

1D194D4D-0EE0-4B49-8BBD-46396D693D4AI have been busy doing other things in the real world and I haven’t really had the energy to write. That is not for lack of anything to write about , but I guess you can say I just had to pause and take a breath. I started drafting this post midweek and it has stayed in my drafts folder for days.

I was looking forward to a quiet weekend writing letters and hopefully sending them off by Monday or Tuesday next week. A bit of non a delivery glitch on something else I was expecting, sort of, delayed me. I have been seeing a bit here and there, and more projects await.

A friend actually asked me where I find the time. As these tasks or projects are a source of de-stressing and finding time to relax, I find myself stealing pockets of time here and there. Sometimes, it’s the midday lunch break. Or between logging off of work and cooking dinner. Or that window when the whole day has come to an end and I’m just about ready to turn in for the night.

No pressure. I do them when I can, which means it might take me a while.

I remember around three months ago, I said I was preparing for returning to work. Back then, even with the prevailing panic as numbers of deaths recorded and hospitalizations rose to staggering heights, there was a sense that this would abate and end. I felt encouraged as the numbers trickled down, and the panic finally subsided. For the first two months or so, I ventured out only every 3 weeks.. 2 weeks if there was a sense of urgency.

Then New York started a phased reopening. The numbers started raging upwards everywhere else and that dashed all optimism about anything going back to how things used to be.

So I adjusted my own projections and hopes. Still preparing for a return to work that can happen anytime in the next four weeks. Frankly, I am not looking forward to it even if I know it is an eventuality. Even the prospect of any return to work become voluntary does not assuage my anxiety, even partially. It is a situation that continues to evolve, but all we can do is cope.

I’m still trying to get my arms wrapped around the idea of returning to work. For the last month and a half, I’ve been bravely walking outside.. more to take care of myself really. I’ve been on Noom for as many days, and besides eating healthier, I’ve tried to move more. It takes some planning and getting used to wearing a mask while out and about, but I’ve managed. In more ways than one, these daily walking trips around have helped me get more comfortable with the new normal we all find ourselves in. I always carry a few pieces of disposable gloves, a small container of hand sanitizer, and a folded paper towel or napkin (to open doors with.

I find time every morning, or later in the day when I cannot to get my steps in.

One thing I’m grateful for during the challenge of the “sheltering in place” and “working from home” debacle is that there is now time to actually walk and do some physical exertion, no matter how minor a task it may seem to be. For someone who has always been averse to exercise of any sort, this is a positive change I’m quite happy about. When I see the clouds threatening with rain in the morning, I adjust for a later time in the day. Thank God, for the weather app on my phone!

Just another one of the many adjustments to this new normal we have all been plunged into.

Morning walk in my neighborhood