Monday Musings on a Tuesday.. yet again

Monday musings in paper and ink

DISCLAIMER: Clicking on the links in this post might actually result in a commission for the Pinay New Yorker.

I’m trying to give it more effort to actually write. The last post took all of almost 4 weeks to see the light of day, because I kept editing it and changing the flow. Over the weekend, I finally told myself I had to get on with the writing. So back to Monday Musings for a start – and sadly, I’m into Tuesday. Such is life. But on with the blurbs. (I try to make these mini-posts on a hodge podge of topics or thoughts currently front and center for me at the start of the week.)

Back to the stones. I have been making a mental note to actually set aside time to start creating again. In the last 4 weeks, I’ve made 2 sales which is a sad number given any retail outlet like my online shop – but what baffles me is the fact that the sales actually happened. This, even if I haven’t been doing any marketing push, let alone add new pieces to the shop. Is it a sign? I can only imagine how my numbers could be so much better if I focused on the shop. Recalibrating, I am going to be more determined to actually get more done with the shop beginning today. Starting with this post.

Earlier this year, I actually made a more determined effort to start getting myself organized. I went through my supplies and sorted my gemstones, pearls and findings. I almost succeeded not getting any additional supplies, except that I came across some rather eye catching accessories in my favorite retail outlets which called out to me. I saw them transformed into something else, given the chance to add my own touch to it. But they have been untouched.

Discovering China’s direct suppliers was a thing for a while, until my return to postcards came and totally threw my plans off. But I’m trying to get back on track. This is one of those times when I know I need to pay heed to the signals from the universe and actually strike while the iron is starting to fire up – just to get it to “hot”.

Reading again has been quite refreshing, and I am well on my way to hit my 6-book target for the year. I am still trying to get my posts on my very eventful Fourth of July weekend together, but one of the most concrete accomplishments that outing actually produced was a renewed fervor to read more. My two friends, Gedd and Jelaine, are actually voracious readers who shared with me an interesting mix of fiction and non-fiction favorites. As a result, I’m almost halfway through Stephen King’s “11-22-63” on Audible, and continuing to read the English translation of El Filibusterismo – yes, the one we were required to read in high school in Filipino. (This is the translation by Soledad Lacson-Locsin).  I am trying to line up my next reads, and as it is, I only need to finish this two and a third to make my yearly quota of six. I’m beyond happy that this part of my 21 for 2021 goal is on track to be completed for the first time in so many years.

For those who have all the time in the world to read, 6 might seem like a very puny goal for the year – but being that I’ve failed to meet that bare minimum the last couple of years, this is a feat as it is.

I’m making masks again. While we have been given the leeway to forego masks at work if you’re a vaccinated employee, the resurgence of the Delta variant and the newer Lambda variant makes me think that masks are not totally out of the Covid scene. As of today, 49 of 50 states are seeing an uptick in cases. I have been wont to take off the mask when outdoors and yes, sometimes, on the bus, but have become more careful in indoor settings or even outdoors when there is a lot more people traffic. Even as I walk out in the open for my daily routine, I carry a mask in one hand and promptly put it on when I see people approaching from the opposite direction. I am not taking any chances and the direction to wear or not to wear masks is up in the air for now. I had precut fabric that was ready to be sewn, and they are now ready to be finished for wearing in the coming days.

Writing those letters finally. I had thought I’d get to this sooner, but I’ve written three letters over the weekend and about to write my fourth. My son was asking why I was writing and not emailing or texting instead – well, it’s not quite the same. So there are letters heading out to surprise some people with something to read and hold for a change. I’m all for the advances of technology, but there are times when old fashioned letters can be more meaningful than that email you get on your laptop or phone.

When a hello from the past is a warm hug to the heart. Once upon a time, I came across a young medical student who was back in Manila, and who became a very good friend. We corresponded and followed each other’s blogs and shared bits and pieces of our lives. We lost touch, but I tried to keep track of him by looking at his social media feed. The medical student became a doctor and went back to his hometown in the hinterlands of Sulu. He wanted to serve his people in a place where sometimes, it would take hours of walking to get medical help. What could be more noble? He could have opted for a more financially rewarding career in a city hospital or in private practice, but he went home to serve his people. And from out of the blue, I receive a heartwarming email from him. The doctor is now married and still among his people. My heart is smiling as I write this. Some people enrich our lives just by living theirs – such as my young doctor friend. More about him and this special friendship another time.

Proud to be Pinoy: Thank you, Hidilyn Diaz! (Proud to be Filipino) Finally, a gold for the Philippines. I am proud of Hidilyn and the honor that she has brought to us Filipinos. It may be one gold which is dwarfed by the many chalked up by other countries, but for us, that is a major achievement that will forever be etched in our minds and hearts. What a way to start the week! Truly an inspiring athlete who stirs so much emotion for us Pinoys.

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