A late weekend

(This is a late post but wanted to publish it anyway since it’s been a while since I’ve been here.. )

We’ve been given a respite from scorching temperatures the last couple of days, and I’m hoping saying that doesn’t jinx it. The power of words, as some say..

It’s been a rather busy week for me, both personally and professionally. It was one of those weeks were I really felt I earned my paycheck, but not begrudging the fact that I do have a job. I was busy in a good kind of way. It reminds me of a conversation I overheard a few weeks ago in the cafeteria at work, when someone greeted another associate pleasantly with the usual “How ya doin’?” with a heavy hearted “Surviving..”. And it was only Monday! If I ever got to that point, I’d seriously think of looking for a new job. I have been fortunate to be one of those people who actually look forward to Mondays, even if I wish there was a third day to the weekend. This week, we actually got that extra day with the Fourth of July.

I didn’t have any special plans and just stayed home. Plus, I still feel easily fatigued these days, even if my mild bout of Covid ended two weeks ago. I am relieved that that’s all I’m feeling. So I don’t push it. I walk when I can walk — and I only aim for the minimum steps required and not pushing the usual 10,000 steps. As advised, I am listening to my body.

I’m also starting to prepare for the son’s move to college in a few weeks, as the fall term begins. I know he’s all grown and I see a man now where I used to cuddle a boy. Still, the idea of him being away for extended periods of time on a semi permanent basis is something I am still trying to wrap my arms around. Fortunately, he is actually going to be less than an hour away. It’s just that there’s no straight commute to his college of choice, and his Dad and I thought it would be part of his life’s education to actually go through the experience. So I am letting go. But first I need to get myself ready for that day.. getting there, a day at a time.

I’ve also tried to grow the YouTube channel, but subscribers are a tad harder to cultivate than racking up watch minutes. I just try to remind myself that this takes real work, and I have to invest my time and energy to make it grow. (so please subscribe if you haven’t yet! )

Please subscribe to my channel. Thank you!

My weekend officially began Sunday — and I’m finishing this post on my way to the city to watch The Kite Runner which is on a limited run on Broadway. (I’d provide a link but being that it’s a limited run, you will end up with the dreaded dead link..). I had subscribed to the daily alert to rush tickets on the TodayTix app— and I got lucky enough to get a seat to today’s matinee this morning for less than $40. My original plan to attend this month’s Metropolitan Postcard Club meeting had to give way to my vow to watch more shows on Broadway. This is already my third after American Buffalo, which I had second row seats to at the Circle in the Square theater, and Kenny Loggins’ “Still Alright” at the Townhall which was a night of stories and songs, just almost a month ago. (a separate Blogpost coming on these shows.)

It’s been a good couple of weeks that have seen me settle down to a calmer time. I’m getting more clarity on many things that have been on my mind the last couple of weeks. I hope you’re in the same good place where you are.

PinayNewYorker on YouTube

I’ve had the channel for a while, not really quite sure about which one I would focus my efforts on all this time. Yes, I have had the channel, the Gmail account and the domain name because I took them before others could think about using the ID. Way before blogs and vlogs were commonplace, I chose Pinay New Yorker as a monicker because I was literally one- a Filipina who was a New Yorker. While I’m usually shy about branding my web presence with an actual photo, you will find my likeness on the page, just so you don’t get confused with the other accounts that go with a number or other extension.

I’m trying to drum up content for starters and racking up the required watch hours and subscribers. It is not easy to get monetized on YouTube but I thought it was worth a try, given that I’m always documenting this dynamic city I live in. You can never really run out of content here in the city that never sleeps.. it’s a matter of organizing it and getting it out there.

So let me keep this short and introduce you to one of the newer clips I’ve uploaded featuring a place I literally walk into every day I’m at work. Unlike the other clips where I had not really put in captions, I thought I’d play with this one a little and give you my personal recommendations.

Grand Central Market isn’t really a place that many people seek out, despite the huge volume of foot traffic in the terminal itself. I like that it’s not that huge of a place and it has quite an interesting mix of establishments which are not your run-of-the-mill variety. if you’re ever in the neighborhood, this is one place where you can literally pull together things you might need in a dinner for two or a party of friends. From the flowers to the appetizers and main dish and of course, dessert— these stores will be able to give you what you need.

I love it for its visual delight and the atmosphere is just so homey and welcoming. Come visit when you can.