Busy with Life

A note from Pinay New Yorker: I had actually finished writing this post Monday, and here I am hitting publish on a Friday.. yes, THAT busy!

I’ve been meaning to write but didn’t realize I haven’t been here a month. It’s a personal disappointment for me that despite all the things I can and wanted to write about, I haven’t taken the time to stop by. I actually started writing a post longhand last Friday, but now have to find that piece of paper and continue writing jr here. Hopefully the remainder of the year will see things taking a turn for the better.

Can you believe that fall is here? It’s the entry of the “ber” months which is the start of the Christmas season for folks back home in the Philippines. Not quite here in New York where we have Halloween and Thanksgiving ahead of my favorite holiday. Plus, we don’t all do Christmas here with the diverse faiths and beliefs so strongly present in New York.

I’ve been busy with transitioning to not having the son around the house, now that he is in college — somewhere not too far, thankfully. I’m actually doing a whole lot better than I thought I would, but it is still a process adjusting. All I know is that I am one proud mum.

He had known what field he wanted to pursue ever since he was in middle school, and he landed his number one choice as he got accepted to all the colleges he applied to. I am very excited for him as he embarks on this new chapter. It hasn’t been without any bumps, however. He is beginning to assert himself and I have to constantly remind myself that the boy is now an adult. But the heart remains the same — and to me, that is quite an accomplishment as a parent. We have our new routine of our daily check in — and calling mum or replying to my texts when he reads them is taking some adjustment, but we’re getting into the rhythm of it.

The postcards have been set aside for the moment, but a big postcard date on October 1 has gotten me back to it for the moment. (More on that on another blogpost— hopefully.)

What’s front and center for me beyond my usual work and motherhood has been my newfound passion as a content creator. (Meaningful pause.). I started to focus on my online presence a difference way beginning in June, and I’ve been seeing the world through a different lens since— literally.

I will leave it at that as I begin this Monday with the optimism of anticipating a productive and good week. I count my blessings and I am in a good place. I hope you are, too, as you look around you and see what good there is, instead of the burdens that weigh you down. Have a fab week ahead.

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