When Life gives you lemons..

I’ve had a long day, and I’m slowly trying to get myself set to travel next week, so I haven’t been in any rush to get home. Plus, there’s no rush to cook dinner for the son, because he’s eating at the cafeteria. That part I don’t totally miss, but it’s a routine that is part and parcel of motherhood— so I do pause to remember those days I’d run home.

I changed purses this morning and just as I was about to lock my front door, I did a quick mental run through of whether or not I had transferred my house keys to the one I was lugging. I said to myself, if I didn’t have it, I had a spare set in the office and I can grab those. Of course, I forgot about looking for the keys and I walked out of the office not remembering I actually might’ve locked myself out of the house.

I normally fish for my keys a few stops away from mine, and panic started to set in when I couldn’t find it. I’m carrying a rather roomy tote which wasn’t really full, so it didn’t take me long to figure out I didn’t have them.

After having been on the bus an hour, I desperately needed a bathroom and thankfully, there was a Starbucks at the corner and I ordered my Passion Tea, took care of business and waited for the bus heading to the city. Right on time! And so here I am — wanting to bop myself in the head. It’s a good thing I actually locked up a spare set of keys in my office drawer— specifically for emergencies like this! It’s a few hours wasted but not totally.

Here I am writing, after a WordPress notification that my stats are booming. Nothing too earth shattering, but an uptick in readership from “0” is always a good thing. People actually read me? Lol. It heartens me and inspires me to write more.

Five days since the last post isn’t exactly anything close to my plan to write everyday, but I’m back sooner this time around. And I’ve actually managed a decent piece. (But no, I don’t intend to lose my keys again anytime soon.)

So I did get to make my lemonade.. and then some. I am not sitting in front of the TV catching up on my shows for a change. And I’ve decided I was going to skip editing videos this time around, even if I have quite a few to prep for uploading. I wanted to write about my misadventure with my keys and the half wasted evening.

Half productive as well. There is always some good to the most disappointing of situations — we just have to make them happen or find them and make them work for us.

Here’s to the lemons and the lemonade we make of them.

Reboot for the nth time

So I’ve been meaning to come back here and write, and write some more — but Youtube has been front and center for me, of late, besides the regular things that usually preoccupy me like work and of course, the son.

It’s mostly adjusting to the son now being in college (Yay for the mom in me!), but it has also been a personal adjustment due to the fact that he has left home. Since I want to write an upbeat post, I will save the whining for later.

I am mighty proud of the fact that I managed to get my channel monetized in 4 months — racking up 4,000 watch hours (which translates to 240,000 minutes, mind you!) and just recently, managing to get over the 1,000 subscriber requirement which took quite the effort to achieve. That’s at least 2 blogposts in the making — but I am so over the moon with that accomplishment.

Being a content creator for the web in video format is more challenging than writing here, or posting photos or reels on instagram or tiktok — and the goal to monetize my channel took major effort on my part. So much so that I have neglected my other social media channels. The pressure was on to actually get people to like me — which was not like writing here, where I have always said that I write for my own benefit. I had turned my back on monetizing or commercializing my URLs because I had such a hard time trying to cope with the pressure to attract readership. And on this page or in my other accounts, when and what I posted was really all up to me. I didn’t have to worry about racking up the views, the watch hours or the subcription.

Not with Youtube.

But I made it — and it was rather exhilarating to finally cross the finish line as they said. The journey was not over at that point, though — it just shifted.

New York has gotten colder. Fall is here and life has sort of returned to normal. I’ve been back at work since April of 2021, so coming to the office almost everyday now during the week is not such a jarring change of pace for me. I am grateful I have a job.

I have stopped wearing masks only because of my personal bout with Covid sometime at the start of summer. Science says my antigen levels would be waning by now, so I am actually getting my masks ready again. I am bracing for the flu season, as well. We fifty-somethings and older should take precautions as life has a way of dealing us a reality check about our mortality during this season. (Reminder to self: Flu shot!)

I’m trying to get my life organized — as new goals and changes in my every day have fallen on my lap. I want to undertake a dozen projects to change my physical environment, but other plans are in the way. In time, I tell myself.

I am happy that I’ve been reading more than I had planned — and that I continue to read in print and on audio format. I am in a good place.

I look back at the past year with much gratitude. I’ve been fortunate to have been given the means to cope with the changes that came my way. I had tethered myself to the ground before the shockwaves came, so I stood strong — unfazed. And to be honest, I’ve been spared in many ways. There have been disappointments that have come my way, but nothing that broke me or brought me to my knees. For that, I am grateful. (Another blog post coming about that.)

I’ve learned to treat each day as a gift, and to look towards tomorrow as if it might not come. I’m trying not to fall into the trap of saying, I’ll do this or that tomorrow. Why postpone it when you can do it now? You might end up missing out on the opportunity to grab your chance if you decide to procrastinate.

I was actually here editing my “ME” page — updating my age, the age of the son, and adding the Youtube URL. I was ready to turn off the laptop, but I said, time to write again. And so here I am, fearlessly declaring another reboot. I am almost tempted to declare I will write everyday for the next 30 days. That’s a scary thought for me. I will be back soon. There is just so much I want to write about here. But I have videos to edit and create. How I wish there were more hours in a day.

Pinay New Yorker is back.. I hope you’ll hop on over to my channel and hit the subscribe button. We’re not stopping at 1,000 subscribers. I hope you like my content there, as much as you’ve liked reading about my world here.