Monday Musings: Trying to get back to writing


I’m back! So I am grateful that I managed a post on my way home but sadly, didn’t get to write anything anymore after that. I am back in New York a week now and I’m still adjusting. It’s not just the jet lag but it’s also about getting back into the swing of things now that I’m back to my “normal”.

I’m getting there.

I surprisingly got myself unpacked within 24 hours of arriving, but also realized that I had left a ton of the goodies I had meant to bring. Note to self: stash all goods in the suitcase as you buy them so the dried mangoes and Goya chocolates don’t get left behind!

Winter is here. It took me quite a bit to catch up with the 30-something degree mornings, and for the first time left the house layered, with the winter scarf and a hat – finally! I am still trying to find my leather gloves but will get my warmers tomorrow if I don’t find them. Today was the first morning that was below freezing and it’s as good an affirmation I am back in New York as any. We drove past the soccer field coated with visible frost — a portent of things to come.

I didn’t get to buy any coats in the tiangge in Greenhills because the brands I was looking for weren’t there, or there were no sizes in the styles that caught my eye. There were some nice J.Crew factory seconds which, unfortunately, weren’t in my color or size. I had purchased some nice Ann Taylor coats from the same store in the past, but the styles just weren’t appealing to me. I also realized that there is a marked difference in thickness and warmth between “Korean coats” and “US coats”. (This particular store only sells the US brands.). The former are actually thinner and provide less insulation than the ones that are made for use here.

Christmas is creeping up on me. I need to make up my mind about my holiday card. I can have one of the many photos I have printed, or rendered as a card, or I can go the regular Christmas card route and just insert one. On top of my to do list!

Meanwhile, the Christmas tree isn’t up yet as I am seriously thinking of downsizing this year, foregoing the bigger tree I usually assemble. Perhaps the smaller tree I have been resting on my bigger window will work this time around. Still thinking.

Still creating content. The YouTube struggle is real! Although I’ve been monetized and officially creating content to earn, the vacation has been both productive and a drag. I’ve created a ton of material but need time to edit and upload. I’m on it! It was an enjoyable experience documenting the journey home and to Sydney and back, but not always easy. It can be quite the production trying to pull things in chronological order, and I gave up the minute I accumulated the first 5 videos of the trip. I am working on it diligently and hoping to catch up soon.

I actually just started a “shorts only” channel which I hope to populate with exactly that: shorts only. Aptly running under the banner of “Shorts, Etcetera,” it’s an experiment on how long I can get the channel to rack up the 1000 subscribers and the 4000 watch hours required. Let’s see how that one goes.

I’m trying to write more. Part of the whole business of chronicling my life in pictures and videos is actually keeping a journal — be it physical or virtual— to later remind me of the nuances of the day.

I can be good at this when I put my mind to it. I have journals, blogposts and captioned social media entries that are a testament to that. It’s the time that the whole effort requires that presents a problem. But I will try to overcome.

I started this post on the bus this morning and I am ending it on the bus on my way home. The post itself is a victory of sorts for me. I know— I have to make sure that I come back sooner than next month. And I will.