Rainy New York

I walked out of the door ready this morning. The skies are a gloomy grey and the rain was heavy enough for me to whip out the umbrella. Purse and tote in hand and a small bag of trash, umbrella in the other and my alarm goes off. I calmly walked to the dumpster behind my courtyard and then dealt with the pesky alarm. It’s one of those days when you just have to go with the flow instead of getting all stressed out. (And then I decide to check my work email.)

No fires to put out so I can focus on me and writing here.

I haven’t quite adjusted despite being back a week now and was totally bushed by 8pm last night. I dozed off and woke up at just past 1am but was able to go back to sleep. I beat my alarm clock by an hour and started preparing for the day.

With December rolling out, I can’t help but marvel at how fast 2022 swept by me. It seems as though we were just starting off the year not too long ago, and now we are here, getting ready to say goodbye. I don’t want to start reflecting on the year just passed beyond the fact that it just flew by. That’s for another blog post.

After vacation feels usually keep me on a relative low because I start missing everything I left behind. I think I cope better now, and it’s good to be on solid footing again with my everyday reality, but I still find myself wishing I could stay longer.. or go back. It doesn’t last very long, though. I’m eventually taken over by a sense of accomplishment after seeing the friends I meant to see, and visiting the places I meant to go to.

Even if there were bumps along the way, so to speak — the good outweighed the bad by tons. I am grateful for the chance to go home again after the three years I waited. That was a blessing I am thankful for, many times over.

And even in the gloom of a rainy morning, there is a hint of a milder winter’s day unlike the previous days. And that is a blessing in itself.

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