Monday Musings: Creativity postponed

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UntitledI’ve been drafting posts in my head for weeks now. I even had a list written up last week to write about, but I didn’t want to do another Monday Musings on a Tuesday, and then I got swept up with the work week.

The year has started rather busily. I didn’t book anything for the first day of work for the boss and I, thinking I’d keep it light. But it ended up a busy day.. and a busy week, and a busy week after. So here I am.

Back to the jewelry making. Well, I’m trying. I want to get to the natural stones I bought at the start of the pandemic.. repair some older pieces and work on my supplies that have been tucked away in their bins forever. I want to document jewelry making in videos I can post on my channel.

I’m pulling together the supplies and plans to make the video or even a livestream, and hope to create the thumbnail and the intro soon. I’m sketching ideas in my head of new techniques I want to try. I have a list of pieces I want to pull together. I was hoping to get started right after the new year, but things got put on the back burner until I can be better prepared. I am hoping I can get started soon.

I’ve been reading and reading and reading. I finally finished Kenny Loggins’ “Still Alright”and started reading “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus. Then I got my copy of “Spare” by Prince Harry and I’ve been focused on that the last couple of days.

I’d be reading more if I had more free time. Next to sleeping in during those days when I can, like this previous weekend, I would love to read and read and read. I’m happy that I managed to read more than my quota of 6 last year.. I want to keep going and do even better than that.

I’m hoping to start the new art journal this week. It’s killing me that I still haven’t even gathered the base pages. I already know I want it to be like my last art journal that was 5×7 per page. I will try and get the cutout year done, at the very least.

I’m looking forward to a creative and productive week ahead, and hoping that I can get even just one of the above done. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will be back here writing sooner than another 2 weeks.

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