Monday Musings: Slowing down

UntitledIt was a busy weekend. It was one of those Saturdays I gave up the luxury of sleeping in to meet with some cousins to go around town, but it was definitely worth it. I don’t get to see family in New York often enough, and a cousin from Rome was visiting. I don’t even get to see the cousin here in New York with life being so busy for both of us. But family is family.

I trudged down to the Oculus which, to be honest, was my first time going beyond those picture perfect perches looking down. The last time I was even on that edge was in 2018 when the brother was here. This time, I got to explore some of the stores at Westfield mall, and I was able to stand right smack in the middle of this gigantic architectural wonder of New York. That spot, if you ask me, is where you should take in the entire structure, whether you are a tourist or a native New Yorker. Anywhere else won’t compare to the 360 degree view of the space and the light you will take in from there. You can best appreciate the whole concept of that gigantic space and all that light from outside steaming in.

Trying to jumpstart the art. I know I’ve been saying this for weeks now, but I’m really itching to get on with the jewelry, the art journal and the sewing. One at a time.

I’ve been gathering the pages to be of my journal, but I was really hoping to do a flip through of my two art journals from previous years before featuring the new one. I’m suddenly faced with the dilemma of producing that vid so the new one might get featured first. Things don’t always go as planned.

Meanwhile, I’ve been gathering bits and pieces to add to the new line, specifically the 2022 roundup.

Momentarily back to postcards.. it was the Chinese New Year which was kind of a big deal. So I’m producing a maxi card , a topic for another day. And maybe I’m going back to just collecting instead of trading actively for now.

So here’s wishing us all a good week ahead. Hoping for something better than last week. ( breathe, Dinna.. breathe…)

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