How are you?

(I had drafted this post yesterday morning and had erased and rewritten the post after midnight earlier but the time stamp and order here got messed up… So I’m reposting.)

There are days when a simple question, heartfelt and not conversational — a genuine inquiry into how you are doing — can make a whole difference as you end what has been a challenging day. BFF Do wrote that simple query in a short e-mail from work.  She is 16 hours ahead of me.  We can hardly “catch” each other on regular weekends.

Mental telepathy, I told her.  But I was too tired to answer the question.  She understood.  It’s like a question that seeks to reassure.  I am truly blessed.

I really should be sleeping.  I have an early start tomorrow as the boy has a unit test.  We did our review tonight, but it doesn’t hurt to do more practice.  Plus, we will walk to school together.  I’m on solo duty again.  I cooked chicken for my mother-in-law, cooled it down and put it in individual containers and stashed them in my fridge.  I even managed to bake a polymer clay experiment which needs a whole lot of work but which was productive because I know now where I need to do a work around.

And tomorrow is another day. 

I hope I find the strength not to butt heads with those who are not worth the trouble at work.  It is, after all, just work.  I hope tomorrow will be sunnier.  I am not optimistic that will be the case, but hey, I might wish the sun back. 

A happy thought — sunshine.  =)

And more sunshine… just got a text from my sister.. “Love you, too, sis..”  I can never have too much love.  Today I am being showered by it.  And like I wrote this morning, I have constantly felt “His” presence — through it all, He was there with me.  Maybe that’s why I’m still up. 

Thank you, Lord, for another day.

Chicken Cobb Salad for me, please

Chicken Cobb Salad LunchDieting makes lunch a little complicated because it means thinking healthy. I opted for a Chicken Cobb Salad with Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (14pts) from Pret A Manger which has an out let in all four directions from where my building sits. They have outdone even the ever-present Mickey D’s.

I went to a vacant guest office, closed the door and sat to enjoy my salad. I like salads because you can’t wolf them down in a rush. It took me all of 25 minutes at a leisurely pace. I feel full despite the fact that Pret’s salad’s are modestly sized. It gave me a chance to soak in the view from this corner office and just spend a quiet lunch hour. (I told the receptionist I was going to pray.

Well, it was a quiet moment to reflect and pray.

I’m praying for my family back home, for this young mother who wrote me and whose questions on law school I will answer over the weekend (promise!), and for those who don’t know prayer or what it’s all about.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Minutes after midnight — a five minute post

Here we go again… another  Sunday and another weekend ended.

I really should be sleeping but a few minutes towards the ending of “Michael Clayton”, I violent cough rocked my chest and I can still feel the ruckus it caused internally.  From out of the blue.

I had given up on posting despite two or even three drafts I had started through the course of the weekend, but I wanted to end the day and the weekend right.

I feel like I accomplished enough.  Had a hair cut (still wondering when I can do a pic — something not too radically different from my avatar but still different in one way or the other.)

Started a GRATITUDE JOURNAL I will write about tomorrow.  (Yes, another one — me and my journals.)

I have felt a renewed determination to lose weight after I tried out clothes at Tanger, the Outlet, last Saturday.  Not for lack of any clothes that fit, but having to say no to some pieces I wanted to get because my love handles were bursting out of the seams literally was quite a disappointment.

It was rather heartening, though, to see that I haven’t grown past my current size, so while I haven’t achieved any substantial weight loss, I haven’t gained.  (I’m trying to find the positive in all this…)

I did 10 episodes of “Orange is the New Black”.

Time’s up and I need my beauty sleep.  Here’s to a great week ahead for everyone…

Sitting quietly in Bryant Park

It was that kind of day — I was totally exhausted when I walked out half an hour earlier than my usual 6pm. I thought I’d grab a treat — it wasn’t that hard to decide which one. It’s a lovely day to walk through Bryant Park today, and it was even made more pleasant by my techy pal, Tomy. (No, that’s not a typo — he spells his name with an “m”.). We parted as he headed down to Grand Central, and I bought my treat and found a seat here at the park. It’s pleasant and a tad cloudy, with a good crowd but I didn’t have a problem trying to find a seat.
Friday Red Velvet Whoopie Pie from Crumbs in Bryant Park
I just needed a break to breathe. It’s a perfect evening to just sit quietly and enjoy the buzz of the rush hour traffic at the end of the day mingling with the different languages floating around me. I can sit here until the sun fully sets but someone is waiting for Mama at home.
My whoopie pie up close
Well the jazz band just started playing and I really need to get on my way.

I was about to end this post when I saw this heartwarming plate on the seat across from me:
Bryant Park seat plate
Read it upclose.. I’m sure it’ll put a smile on your face as it did on mine..

Bryant Park: Denise's Place
Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday into Friday in 5 minutes

Thursday to Friday Blog GraphicI’ve had this window open for most of the evening and here I am finally getting ready to head off into la-la land.

I had to stay home today to take care of the mother-in-law and of course, Angelo.  My caregiver called in sick.  As it was easier for me to take a day off, I promptly called in my “emergency time off” card.  And just as I couldn’t do anything when I got the 7:30-ish text from my caregiver saying she wouldn’t be able to come in, I guess the boss had no choice but to just be his usual self-sufficient self sans his ever dependable Executive Assistant today.

I tried to avoid logging on to do any work except for the end of the day.  I was, after all, supposed to be off.  I didn’t ask to work from home.. I actually gave a day for this.

We capped the day with a light dinner at the neighborhood Mickey D’s, picked up some odds and ends at the Asian store then headed home.

I just got some news from home which makes me wish there weren’t 10,000 miles between New York and Manila.  Alas, it is more than just 10,000 miles — it’s work, home, Angelo.  So the 10,000 miles stays.


In five minutes: My day just ended

Lake George: On the waterI’m beginning to like these quickie posts, more so during days like today when I was too busy to even begin a draft post.  Yes, it was THAT kind of day.

I am trying to catch up, clean up, and not mope.  The first two days of the week saw me getting rebuffed for efforts to help at work.  Lesson learned: don’t volunteer.  In my hopes to be of assistance, I’ve been told off.  I know, I know.. I shouldn’t take it personally.  I should just go with the flow like our duck on the water.  I shouldn’t mope, but I’ve been jaded.

Even on the way home, the lady bus driver was ranting on everyone.  She had closed the bus door on me and had scolded me when I finally put in my Metrocard.  Once inside, the passengers were practically laughing their tails off making fun of how she was making like a raving lunatic not just with her driving, but more so with her rants.  We couldn’t help but shrug our shoulders and share a collective chuckle as we all just made light of her otherwise obnoxious behavior.  It was either get irritated or be amused.  I chose the latter.

Bedtime… time to say my prayers.. to thank Him for another day, and to pray for a blessed one tomorrwow.

Five minute dash of a post

It’s 38 minutes past midnight and here I am typing away when I should be lying down wandering off to dreamland. I had plugged the iPad into the charger and was hoping to freshen up (last midnight pre-bedtime rituals) when my mother-in-law beat me to the solitary bathroom in our tiny home.

I started browsing and had started reading, and was seriously thinking of writing a post in response to a prompt on the Daily Post (or another writing tip) but that post would’ve kept me up until way past 2am.

So I am doing a mini-version of a previous writing exercise where we were supposed to write spontaneously for 10 minutes. Since it’s past midnight and thre’s work tomorrow, I really have only 5 minutes to spare.

I’m wishing away my cold and what coughing I have left. This is getting tired. I’ve been sick for a week and a half now, and while I’d like to stick to my mantra that I am getting better (voice hoarse, and they said that means I’m actually on the road to recovery), I don’t really feel like I’m beating this. (Or maybe I’m just tired.)

Maybe work has just been too much. And to think the boss is on vacation!

I have a ton of other things I want to say but my five minutes are up and I need to pay attention to my bladder. (Motherhood + age… go sue me.)

Nighty-night, New York. Another day begins in 5 hours for me.