Video Reveal: 30 days of blogging prompts journal for Swap-bot

I finally found the time to edit and create the final video reveal of my 30 days of blogging prompts journal which has already made it to my partner.  The next thing is for me to organize the posts in this blog according to the prompts — at least for the ones that I actually published.

I am keeping a copy for myself and have two photocopies on hand.  I’m still thinking about whether or not I should offer that as a give away.  (Now who would even want to read all that about me? LOL)


Minibook Swap – Video Reveal

My swap finally made it to my partner who was rather happy with what I sent, so I’ve edited the video a little by adding an opening billboard and a closing billboard.

I had to improvise using one of my blackberry cams perched atop an inverted plastin bin in front of me.  I used to have a video cam I’d attach to one of my computers for video chats but I’ve long since misplaced it and can’t find it now. =(  I think this is a good first attempt at a video all the same.  I’ll try to shoot the next one with the video option of my camera.  It’s not as easy to shoot when you’re trying to keep out of the frame.  Ha!

I will need more arm clearance next time because I’m due to shoot my Book of Treasures. I’m already a bit delayed but I’m making it worth the wait. Meanwhile, here’s my mini-book reveal: