Updated October 6, 2020

My most read posts in this corner all have to do with articles I had written regarding my foray into law school half a lifetime ago.  While the Pinay New Yorker is not a practicing lawyer, I have gone through the quest for a law school, the travails of a law student, the sojourn through the Bar Exams, and the after-law-school career choices that most people of my leaning have had to face.

Like I always say, once a lawyer, always a lawyer.  Only lawyers or those who dream of being one some day will be able to understand that.

It has become a struggle to continue updating links in the various posts I had written so I thought it best to dedicate a page to it.  This is the most updated listing of every law-school/lawyer related article that has been published in this blog.

I would really appreciate hearing from those who find something worth picking up from the words I have written.  It is the greatest accolade to know that I had helped someone, if not inspired another soul, to pursue his or her dream like I once did.

The posts are listed in reverse chronological order, with the latest on top.

Thank you.

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