Monday Musings

MondayMusingsLogoSo much for breaking the silence as two months passed before I could return with a blog post. Determined to break the streak, I’m back with one of my staples which has me randomly ranting here and there about anything and everything under the sun. No particular theme or flow– just anything that comes to mind.

Talk about being spontaneous.

Autumn is here. Stating the obvious, I know. I love autumn– more than the colors of spring. Definitely more than the black and white of winter. I think I stepped out of the house overdressed in a winter coat. I am going to try and get off the bus with just my sweater and a wrap.. or maybe I will walk out with my coat and wear it open. The changing of the seasons always brings me more than my share of major wardrobe dilemmas. But what to do? You just go with the flow.
Manhattan at Dusk 10.25.18
Geo chunky earrings for me. I have been feverishly trying to create and at least in that respect, I’ve been rather productive. Right now, I have around 20 pieces I have worked on the past couple of days, and I’m hoping to get the write ups and photos done so I can sell them in my Etsy shop. Onyx in black and white, agates in various colors, different types of jasper and magnesite… I’ve also gotten bolder with creating single dangles instead of having a dangle dangling from a dangle.

Pending photographing this new series, I had produced (and continue to work on) earrings using ceramic beads like those shown below.

Earrings by GothamChick
Earrings by Gotham Chick / Available at

I love you, Billy Joel.I finally got to watch my forever idol at Madison Square Garden over the weekend. Well worth the price and the wait! I was fortunate to have caught new dates announced in April, bought tickets and October is here — so off I went. I was just soooo happy to have finally been able to do this. For me. It was so good I’m actually thinking of watching again next year. THAT good!

Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden 10.27.18
Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden on 10.27.18

Sometimes the hardest thing is to try to be consistent at life.  I try.  And so here’s one more attempt at being here more often and more consistently.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Autumn says hello

My mornings see me getting off right about here-- and at times I can't avoid the compulsion to snap a pic before heading to work.  In every season, in every kind of weather, there's always something camera-worthy here.  #bryantpark #mynyc #mynewyork #ManhThe mornings are definitely getting colder now, but I am still trying to resist the urge to take out the coats. I am trying to make do with my warm sweaters, and today when we were in the low 60s, I put on one of my fall blazers. I’m trying to hang on to the last vestiges of summer.

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually love autumn.  The changing colors and the whole dramatic reveal as Mother Nature ushers in winter is always different, but never any less awe-inspiring.  I take the most pictures in the fall, when even simple fallen leaves can provide quite a compelling subject.  Or maybe I just like taking pictures.

Things seem to be slowing down a bit as the days get shorter.  Where we used to have the sun setting at past 8pm, it can be dark much sooner now, as early as just 6pm.  Both the nights and the mornings are colder, and the whole landscape is changing.  And before you know it, the year has ended.

Yet another reminder that time goes by so fast.

I would love to do my Central Park walk this autumn again. The last time I indulged was last year, and I didn’t get to snap up that many photos because Angelo was with me.  I was busy keeping an eye on him as we made our way to his favorite portion of the park where the rocks form a natural jungle gym for the kids who live in the city.  That was difficult, and the day ended in a not so good note — but I have high hopes for this year.

I’m going back to Central Park this year — on my own — to walk the paths at leisure and take as many pictures as I want to take.  Maybe do it with one of my photo buddies like Didi.  I hope to do it more than once so I can catch the glory of the Bethesda Fountain with different angles of natural lighting, and catch the sunlight as it streams down The Mall as I search for Jim Henderson’s park bench.

I’ll keep my autumn goal to that: Two trips to Central Park.  Have to get some comfy shoes to walk in — because I wouldn’t want to do that walk wearing my high heels.

I used to walk a lot with friends just to talk.  Fe and I used to walk from Legaspi to Salcedo as I lugged my law books wearing three inch heels and dressed according to the code in law school.  In high school, I would walk around the quadrangle just talking to my old friend Lilay whom I miss.  It has been years since she passed, and I recently “met” her now grown son via e-mail — but there’s a part of me that will always remember that time we were such great friends.

15 years in New York and I have yet to fully explore the Park.  Not that I think it can be done in one season, but it would be nice to get myself walking to parts of the park I haven’t explored before instead of being confined to the usual and the familiar.  Autumn would be a great time to do that.

My Thursday felt like Friday.  We’re heading back to DC tomorrow for a wedding on Saturday.  I think the boy is more excited than the Ninong-to-be Dad and me.  I have been teasing him that I’m looking forward to dancing with him, to which he shook his head from side to side in disagreement.  I guess not.  Or he might yet indulge his favorite girl.  (He says until he finds a wife…)  Yet another precious autumn memory.