How to Google Like a Boss

I don’t normally reblog posts which are not from any of my blogs, but I picked this up from TheVeryLastPaige — and thought it was truly worth sharing with other netizens… I learned some new things here… Go visit Paige’s blog and read more..

The Very Last Paige

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Blog Trails: September 3, 2013

It’s been a busy day — and tomorrow will be busy again, but I thought I’d finally start this category and get it going. So where did the Pinay New Yorker land today?

First stop was Mati’s Like Reading on Trains, and today’s response to the Daily Post’s blog prompt: Many a Possibility: Daily Prompt – Blogger with a cause”. I like Mati’s take on everyday life back home. And did I mention how I love his blog header? I HAVE to get me a similar pic next time I find myself on an MRT ramp!

Sometime during the day I got my “Lou” fix at Taking a Deep Breath and saw her latest photographs of hummingbirds in midflight — just as they were landing on a birdfeeder. (Not only does she have the fancy cam, but she has the eye for it as well.)

And the last stop while on the bus was the Etsy blog where this article on
3 Clever Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business
 got me hooked by the first strategy which goaded me to be a unicorn. (Bet you that will make you curious enough to click on the link. Ha!)

Alas, that’s it for me until later tonight. When things aren’t crazy busy, I have a few other blogs I visit which I will share here. I didn’t even get to draft a post for the day until I plopped down on my comfy seat on the express bus home.

I have some paper-piecing to do tonight for someone’s first birthday invite. (I love you, Andeng!!). I’m steps away from home and I haven’t quite made up my mind about what I’m having for dinner… Hmmmm. I’m thinking Shrimp… And some Harry and David fancy relish. (I have three in my pantry.)

Let’s all be unicorns, indeed!

Blog Trails (or where Pinay New Yorker has been straying into)

I used to have a blogroll on my widget bar but had dropped that after a while when the people whose blogs I had been reading started going offline.  Life happens — I get it.  And I really didn’t make bloghopping a priority or even an interest so I figured I better take it off.

It didn’t help that people started writing about doing a link exchange which wouldn’t be a problem if they truly read my blog or if I did read theirs, so being selective led me to decline the link exchanges.

Don’t get me wrong.  I do find a cetain thrill in seeing my blog in blogs followed or blogs read when I hop into a blog of someone who has left a comment here,  but again, as the idea is to write for my own consumption, it’s a side, not a main thrill.

My being part of the wordpress community via The Daily Post, though, has made me more curious about other blogs out there, specifically fellow-Pinoys who blog and participate in the WordPress community like I do.

Earlier this week, I decided I would start doing this more regularly — at random. I had started “BLOG TRAILS” as an individual page in a previous iteration of this blog, but I’m ressurrecting it now as a blog category. I have around a half dozen blogs I visit regularly just to keep tabs on old blog friends. I’m so happy, for one, that Jher is back — and I’m hoping that Jerome, comes back soon, too.

We’re coasting through I-87 (the New York State Thruway) on our way home, and I’ll start my first Blog Trails post tomorrow if not Monday. Time to sign off for now.

Desiderata in my Art Journal

I knew I had written about this poem before and you can click here for the original post written in 2006 where the full text of the poem appears.

Sometimes, one of the problems that stump art journalers (is there even such a word?) is what to write on something you had drawn or done.  I’ve been into trees lately (again, thanks to the folks at IUOMA) and although I’ve only done two postcards so far (and not feeling confident enough to trade away as it is), I decided I’d do a tree on one of my existing watercolor backgrounds.  But what to write?

I don’t know why after days and days of trying to decide on an apt quote to use, I finally decided I would do Desiderata on the piece.  I’ll write about that separately when it’s all done, but I rendered the poem in plain block print with certain phrases/sentences in bolder, bigger letters.  I feel like I did accomplish something in finally getting that done.  Now I’m trying to decide if I will do the journaling on the side or within the leaves of the tree.  (Decisions, decisions.)  So it isn’t quite done just yet.

ALTERED BOOK MULTI PAGE Meanwhile, I did something different with my altered book which was an idea that came to me after I painted another tw0-page layout.  I executed it last night and can’t wait to do what I intend to do with the cut up pages, but I’ve decided to lay the groundwork for the backgrounds first and then work on individual entries and prompts from there.  I wanted to create a multi-page layout which ends up with four sections on the right side of the page.  It would contain a four-section or four-letter word which would be spelled out on each “quarter” of the right side.  (I’ve started a new page on MY ALTERED BOOK where I will talk more about what I’ve been doing with the book in detail.) I’m quite happy with how things turned out and have moved on to my next experiment which is painting watercolor on book paper.    It just feels like I’m making strides..  You would have thought I was some crazy woman caressing the acrylic painted leaves of the altered book this morning on the bus.  The pages that have been painted or coated with acrylic paint on both sides have an almost fabric/thin tarp feel.  I almost don’t want to write on it for fear of ruining it! HA!

Scribblings and Cling stampWell, almost.  I did start on the page behind the cover and started to just scribble things after using a cling stamp.  No pressure in filling the blank squares up.  I’m just writing this way and that, scribbling the first thing that comes to mind about this altered book.

The day started rather gloomily with rain, but it did a complete turnaround by noon.  It became scorching hot outside so I opted to stay indoors.  I did come wearing my rain boots this morning and I’m thinking I’m better off going home with regular shoes.  (I hope I am not speaking too soon!)  It looks like the skies have cleared.

Can you believe August officially ends by Friday?  Where did the year go?  Before you know it, autumn will be here.  That didn’t quite hit me until I visited one of the blogs I bumped into because of Art Journal Every Day links on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s page.  Go visit gingerblue and get to know the art of Chel.  I don’t usually blog hop these days, and when I do, I have a set of younger bloggers I go and visit, but I am continually awed by the talent that oozes from the inspiring art journal entries that submit links to Julie’s page.  So once in a while I’ll leave a comment, and sometimes I get a note back.  (I totally don’t mind if I don’t.  I know how busy life gets.)  So Chel wrote back and I wrote another comment.  (This is going to be an ongoing thing, I am sure.)  But it is always good to acknowledge inspiration from those who give it to you.

I won’t be able to do it today but she’s definitely landing in my BLOG TRAILS.