100 Ideas 2013: 10 Things I’d like to do everyday

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59.  List ten things you’d like to do everyday.

1.  Pray at the start of my day. 

2.  Read (as in read a book or a full-length article).

3.  Write a blog post in my two blogs.

4.  Walk outside or to some place quiet and just sit a while for 10 minutes doing nothing.

5.  Do some personal art.

6.  Write and send out a postcard.

7.  Throw away something I don’t need anymore.

8.  Exercise.

9.  Call, text or email my family back in Manila. 

10.  Do something to help keep me healthy, be it cutting down on my soda intake consciously or excercising.

100 Ideas 2013: The things I do to escape

This post is in connection with an e-swap for Swap-bot, the details of which you will find here. (Please refer to the navigation bar above or widget bar on the right for a link to the page.)

84.  Write a list of all the things you do to escape.

“Escape” is such a generic word but I’m trying not to overthink it.

1. Doodle.
2. Watch TV. (Criminal Minds, for all its gore, actually relaxes me.)
3. Write. (Blog, e-mail, write longhand..)
4. Look outside my window.
5. Close my eyes and think of happy thoughts.
6. Do crafts. (I love to make jewelry.)
7. Knead/condition polymer clay. (There’s something about putting pressure on that clay that releases the stress.)
8. Look outside my window and stare at the view outside — Midtown Manhattan from 41 storeys above.
9. Roam the aisles of Michael’s. (My boys tolerate me by waiting outside the store in the car, knowing I literally get lost in the store once I walk in.)
10. Walk into one of my notions or jewelry supply stores off of Sixth Avenue.

Sunday and moving?

I like Sundays. I don’t have to rush through breakfast and I can actually sit here at the breakfast counter and relax. And blog.

I am seriously thinking of moving this blog to another server or upgrading — and both options pose challenges. I’m pretty happy with the free platform but I’ve noticed that I often get a message that the server is busy and my site is unavailable. Another problem I’ve had is that Chrome seems to detect malware or a virus when I try to put a linky to my site on one of my favorite blogs to broadcast an art journal entry — which probably means some people are also getting a warning when they try to access my site. I am seriously considering paying for my space here on the blog server but I am wary about continuing to have problems even after that. Dilemma.

I have tried migrating the blog, but with 2,000+ posts, the server is unable to pull the .xml file that will allow me to ” bring” everything to the next platform. Hmmmmm… While I am mulling about these decisions, I’d like to give my now 7 readers the heads up to please access the blog through it’s domain, pinaynewyorker.com which should bring you to wherever the blog should move to. (IF it even moves.)

So maybe I’ll stay put for now.

I have a busy Sunday at home as I try to put a semblance of order to my working space up in the attic and here in the living room. I am going to be sorting through some of my things, particularly old postcards to give away and trade. We also got a shelf of sorts to “house” my crafting supplies. I just wish that Angelo is not actually coming down with something because he was a little warm (but not even a slight fever) and nursing a cold this morning. No school for us Monday and Tuesday because of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. I wouldn’t want him not feeling well through what would be one of the rare long weekends between now and Thanksgiving in November.

Time for me to start working in the attic. Meanwhile, here’s a preview of my watercolor collage garden.

Watercolor and ink: Flowers