Saturday Brunch in Manhattan


This previous weekend, I had made plans to have brunch in the city and I knew where I wanted to go. Fell in line to be seated, and this being the first time I’ve gone to dine in the city since the new vaccination requirement, I saw firsthand how it’s now a thing in Manhattan. Proof of vaccination, please. I flashed my excelsior app which I had just added to my apple wallet this month. Done. I was told to take my seat to wait for my table to be ready.

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

The group behind us chose to forego dining here because of that— it seems one or two of their party had yet to be vaccinated. There’s actually a move to reverse this mandate, with some restaurateurs alleging their business is being singled out to enforce this requirement, at the risk of losing potential customers who cannot meet it.

I personally feel that everyone has a right to know who is and who is not vaccinated, because not being vaccinated is a potential risk to those of us who are. While I respect this as a personal choice one is free to make, I think I have a right to know if I’m sitting next to or in the same space as someone who isn’t. To paraphrase French President Emmanuel Macron, it’s about time that those of you who are not vaccinated stay home, while those of us who are can move with more freedom. Of course, this is not to say that we move around without the mandated precautions of masking (now required in many establishments although optional in some), and maintaining social distancing.

We cannot let our guard down just because we have been vaccinated. We all must exercise caution and continue to safeguard ourselves and our family against the dangers of covid.

A 30 minute wait? I have had my mind set on brunch here for a while, more so since I’ve always only taken pastries to bring home. Today, I’m going to sit and have brunch.

Menu options give you two breakfast packages and a brunch option with choices, and of course there is always the alternative to go a la carte. I wanted to enjoy the Angelina Paris experience, so I went for the brunch.

Brunch Menu, August 2022

I’m not really a breakfast person. I used to skip eating breakfast, but I’ve come to realize that my body tends to binge when deprived, so smaller, more sensible meals made better sense for someone like me. When home, I am happy having avocado toast and coffee. I’ve developed a liking to simply mashed avocado seasoned ever so slightly with a dash of pepper and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

Today, it’s Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon for me. The other options were spinach and feta, avocado or Canadian Bacon. I tend to gravitate towards salmon to go with poached eggs, which to me, is the better pairing for a flash of flavor. I’m glad I made that choice.

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

Can I just say I’ve never seen such perfectly poached eggs that look like they were shelled and boiled? They were so divine to slice into and the over easy yolk oozed out and melded so well with the Hollandaise sauce. The homemade smoked salmon sitting atop a crunchy toast was just heavenly..

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

My nutritionist is trying to make me rethink eating by making me stick to a set of foods that would be healthier rather than being calorie conscious. It’s worked for me mostly, except when I deliberately indulge in my devilish treats. Today’s brunch is half and half of that, and I’m not apologizing! It’s affirming when the one you dine with tends to order the same thing you order..

Brunch was capped by a White Chocolate Praline Crepe with pistachios, raspberries and Chantilly (whipped cream).

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

The flavors just melded together with a flavorful sauce that wasn’t overpoweringly tart nor sweet. Perfect to cleanse the palate of the hints of smoked salmon that lingered after. I must warn you that this might be too big a meal for people who prefer to eat light. If you ask me, it was just heavy enough to satisfy.

Saturday Brunch at Angelina Paris NYC

Besides, I tell myself, I’ve been pretty good for the most part. I saw French Toast on the a la carte menu which is what I will have next time I stop by for brunch. Looking forward to that in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, I can’t really pass up on picking up a treat or two for the next day’s breakfast.

Take home

Food Trip: Bistro Citron for Brunch

We were supposed to go to this place for our Valentine’s Day dinner, just the two of us, but thanks to the snow and all — he didn’t get back from Dallas until midday Saturday.  Since we already lost out on one day of the long weekend, we relented when Angelo said he didn’t want to be left behind, and turned it instead to a family brunch.

Bistro Citron, “a French bistro in the heart of Roslyn Village” in Long Island, is a short drive from our home in the opposite direction of the city.  This village is special because it was the same place where we got married 14 years ago.  Although we got married in the summer, seeing the town again all decked in snow and the other signs of winter was a walk down memory lane.  We didn’t quite get as far as the venue where it all took place — but this was the town.

When we got seated, the place was full — good thing we had reservations.  We were seated right under this vintage glass ceiling which was as French as it could get.  The ambiance was warm and we were greeted by the host and the staff warmly.

Brunch came with a mimosa which I enjoyed with the bread before the meal. I picked a Reisling originally to go with my mushroom omelette (below) but they were out, so I went for the rose instead.  Their portions are rather generous which made for a good meal which had me full for quite a bit.  The omelette with the bacon, sausage and potatoes was indeed very filling.
Food trip: Bistro Citron
Alan picked the poached eggs with salmon which looked sumptuous as it was. He was complaining the muffin underneath was rather hard and overdone toast-wise, but that is necessary for the bread to hold the poached egg which would tend to make the bread soggy.
Food trip: Bistro Citron
The highlight, though, was their delectable Bananas Foster which came in a phylo cone and was  served with hazelnut ice cream.  The bananas on top were coated with caramelized sugar which gave it a nice crunch.
Food trip: Bistro Citron

It was a good way to spend a Sunday on a long weekend.  We’re not going anywhere for Angelo’s winter break but that’s just fine.  Projects need to be worked on and I have to catch up with work.

I’ll take the break and enjoy it, and wish the snow away.  Maybe we’ll go back to Bistro Citron again soon.Food trip: Bistro Citron