Monday Madness

Some Monday’s are just crazier than others. Today is one of the busier than busy ones, and I’m trying to steady my footing in the midst of everything buzzing around me. And I am just hoping that it turns out To be better as the wet and windy start have way to what is now a sunny and gorgeous day. Sometimes the universe grants us a reprieve and just makes everything okay again.

My brain is rating to write because writing helps me to steady my gait, but I am thinking in bullet point instead of complete sentences and paragraphs. It’s one of those days.

The weekend. That’s something I can focus on. My “now” is still in motion and I haven’t quite caught up with it. The weekend, though, has come and gone.

We had one nice and colder Saturday and a very rainy Sunday. I stayed home with my little guy just getting things done and resting and recharging.

Someone requested a Christmas ornament which I was excited to make — but it took me a while to decide on what kind of ornament it would be. Polymer clay was an option but I couldn’t find the right colors! Then I had a eureka moment and found myself hammering artistic wire and working with glass crystals. That ornament is a blog post in itself — for later.

I skipped the usual chores and focused on preparing meals for my not so little guy anymore. We went for a haircut which, nowadays, is a neighborhood barber named Boris who is a rockstar in the boy’s book as far as “cool” is concerned. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant we both like and bought Halloween candy. I like simple weekends when I can still take care of him like I used to when he was much younger. I know that the time when he will shun that kind of attention for time with his friends is drawing near. Sometimes I pretend like I want him to act like a bigger kid, but in truth, I wish he’d stay the baby he is to me.

That was the weekend. But back to this Monday.

So the day ended on a happy note. While I don’t think that tomorrow will be any easier, I’m thinking it will not be as heavy as today when things were revealed and big changes are looming in the horizon. Not for me, but things have a way of trickling down.

I’d rather focus on the happy and the positive. No complaining, like I agreed and promised. Yes, I know, I’m more than okay.

Those Facebook Memories

I don’t do Facebook as often as I used to for several reasons, and I don’t usually catch much there given the number of friends I have racked up through the years.  While I am going to seriously trim that list at a future time, I have to make do with what I am able to catch when I open the app on my phone or those few times that I actually open it on my PC.

Don’t you just hate and love those Facebook memories that keep popping up? Love them for the warm memories they bring, and hate them for reminding me about how I looked and was so different years ago– I am truly happier with the older and better me now.   Sometimes being reminded of how our feelings and life in general have changed can be both good and bad.

But I was struck by how something I said 7 years ago has changed meaning from black to white. Definitions have evolved. Feelings have changed. The world is now so different. “Family” then is so different from what it is now. But while I thought I was happy then, I realize now that I am in a happier and better place.

Those Facebook memoriesOne thing those Facebook memories do for me is show me how my little guy has grown.  I have those pictures tucked in my virtual or hard drive somewhere, and I do gush and turn misty-eyed occasionally when I see him as a baby or a toddler, or even as a grade schooler… He HAS grown.    For those moments, I am grateful to Facebook.

Busy but not busy

Do you ever have those days when you have a ton of time to do things but you end up just coasting by and taking things easy?  The past couple of days have been that way for me.. Today, though, I have made my mind up to get going and get shaking so that I can get things done.  Posted two items in GothamChick Shop and I finally finished two layouts in my Art Journal Every Day project.  It doesn’t make me current (still have Angelo’s birthday layout hanging in mid-air) and it puts the pressure on me to go and create new layouts again.

I am trying to create more pieces for the shop even if I know I have a ton of stuff yet to be photographed and posted.  No pressure.  I know it’s not good for sales, but creativity is not something you can force.

Reading-wise, I’m doing okay.  Still on American Gods but slowly but surely making progress.  I also have Betty White’s If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t) which I managed to read to Chapter V when I got it.  (It’s a much lighter read than Neil Gaiman’s book so that one should be a breeze.)

I have been remiss with the blogging, though, not for lack of time, but simply because I have just wanted to take it easy.  There are times when creating a post like this can take more effort beyond writing and prying the words from my brain to type them and create an entry.

This even if I know that writing is probably going to help give me clarity and keep me grounded.

Change.  As I wrote in my Art journal, it is constant and keeps the world turning.  Some changes take us by surprise and some, even when expected, are still not quite as easy to cope with.  One thing I know is that going through the same thing a second time makes me better equipped to deal with it all.

I try to remain positive and filter out the worries which I cannot solve nor do anything about at the present time.  I used to have people tell me I make mountains out of molehills.. so as I grew older, I tried to pick my battles and just let go of what I cannot control — at least until I can control it.

Like the sun which will always shine — there is always another beginning somewhere in the horizon even if it is not visible at the moment.  It’s there.