Walking Healthy

Walking up 6th Ave

Yesterday, I decided I’d try something new by walking from 42nd Street to 54th and try to accomplish two things: one was to take pictures for a post I’m drafting, and two, to exercise. (Shocked? Lol… So was I!). I figured I had enough time (it took me only 15 minutes) at semi- but not quite – brisk walking.

Walking up 6th Avenue

I did stop to take the pictures I needed (and then some like those accompanying this post) and got to my destination. I needed the “activity point”, having just rejoined WeightWatcher’s. I’ve been good so far, and I’m still feeling my way through. The program had worked for me before I got pregnant, losing around 30 lbs and dropping from a size 12 to an 8. I had done it in between my initial departure from Manila and my first trip home. My brother met me at the arrival area and told me he didn’t recognize me.

I have a little more to lose than that now but I’m trying to find a long-term solution instead of a quick fix. (The latter tends to allow the weight to come back as quickly as the weight went.). They’re marketing the program now as a lifestyle choice and it means altering the way I eat by sticking to some guidelines. I can still have my treats, but it would mean trading something off for it. I just want to get healthier and avoid the common illnesses associated with aging. I am, after all, 47 now. Let’s see how far this one goes and when I reach my first goal of a 5% weight loss. (Current and weight goal confidential. Ha!)

On My Lunchbreak

I am typing rather awkwardly as I just came from the ladies’ room after painting my nails.  So since I can’t do anything much else, I thought I’d try and compose a blogpost.

I’ve been on the Dukan diet for the last 5 days and I’ve lost 5 lbs which is quite encouraging.  The diet, like any, is not without pain — I have been stuffing myself with egg whites during the day and steak at night.  I’ve cooked the steak on a non-stick pan, on my George Foreman grill and last night, I boiled it ala “nilagang baka” which wasn’t really too bad.  The struggle isn’t as bad as it was with the Jenny Craig system before, but I still end up dreaming about food at certain times of the day — but not so much because I am feeling hunger pangs, but rather because I just miss eating regular food.  (Like dessert please…)

Can you believe it’s already Thursday?  And we are moving onto the second half of September(!).  The “ber” months are here… (The thought made me smile.)  We are still set on a trip home by the year’s end, but I’m not quite at that “sure to go” phase just yet.  We haven’t quite decided on dates, but I have a feeling the airfare will determine that for us.

Angelo is back in school and we already had our first injury yesterday.  He had scratched his neck and nicked a mole which bled profusely and panicked the school nurse and his teacher.  At first they assured me everything was well and they had bandaged and taken care of it, only to call me an hour later telling me the bleeding had not stopped.  So I dragged Alan home and practically fought my way into the patient list of our pediatrician for the evening, only to discover it wasn’t much of a wound, but it did bleed a lot when the doctor cleaned away the scab to examine it.  (Doctor says: “A mole is somewhere where there are a lot of blood vessels, so you bleed more when it is injured.”)  I got a note from him and I wrote my own note, and I haven’t heard from the teacher nor the school nurse today so I am keeping my fingers crossed all is well.

Lunch break over.. back to work for me.