The weekend this weekend

It’s almost 2am and I’m just getting ready for bed, and for some reason, i decided I would write a post before I tried to bring myself to lala land. So if this turns out to be an incoherent attempt, blame it on the late hour.

It’s been a busy week. I’ve tried to start sewing again several times with no success. I am hoping I get to do some tomorrow. The art journal has been receiving lots of attention these days and I’m actually very happy at how that’s turning out because I am already thinking of next year’s journal.

I decided to take my daily walk later today, with the goal in mind of grabbing dinner along the way. It was chilly but not freezing cold. I walked with the determination of a woman craving a treat, and while I did get my grilled octopus and managed a bed of homemade Caesar salad to put it on when I got home, I think I overdid the dessert. Buyer’s remorse. Too late, I know, but I felt I deserved it. My diet app would tell me I’m being so emotional (with a “baby” at the end, to boot!) but I will live. I will try to be good for the rest of the weekend. Indulging myself last weekend resulted in gaining back some of the weight I had shed, but I’ve lost enough not to panic over it. Besides, I’ve started shedding it again.

Grilled Octopus over Caesar Salad at home

I’ve managed to walk 10,000 steps minimum everyday for the last couple of weeks– seeming out inclines and making sure I walk to a fast beat. (Donna Summer’s “Heaven knows” being the current favorite. ) I’ve counted the steps between two points in various configurations that I can easily plot which direction I should go to make my daily goal. I have been surprised at how close distances actually are between home and places I used to ride a cab to– not realizing they were actually walkable.

I like weekend walks because I’m not pressed for time like I am during the week. Whether I walk before officially starting my work day, or sneaking in a stretch during my lunch break, I don’t quite have the same freedom to walk as much as I want without worrying about the time. So tomorrow and Sunday are what I would call “adventure walks”.

But for now, it’s time to lay my head down on my pillow and drift off to dreamland. I am just so glad the weekend is finally here.

My Valentine Weekend So Far

I’m supposed to be hitting the shower to go and head out to my valentine dinner with my boys, but my pre-shower rituals produced an urge to log in and attempt a post.  Checked the blackberry for any shop notifications on sales and my number of products for sale remain the same, so no sales today.  My top blogs counter on the right hand side says 95 which I have to admit is pretty good, but no chirps or chimes from anyone?  Hmmmm… the spam comments seem to have stopped.  (Could it be the Amazon affiliation?  Thank God, if it is!)  but I thought I’d test this and flag this blog with a discount for my Etsy store.  So here you go.  Valid til Feb 14,  Type BLOG30OFF upon check out and received 30% off your total purchase at

I have a similar promo for previous purchases which I can still do considering I’ve only had under 100 sales to date, so writing the ones who have been customers of the shop was not difficult.   I also tried an FB coupon blast to fans of the page but currently have no takers.  Marketing  blahs..

Meanwhile, I’m experimenting on some elaborate earring designs which I will put up after the Valentines Day promos are done, and looking forward to more activity.  I’m still trying to strike a good balance between volume and weight.  After all, who wants to wear weighty stuff on their ears?  I know I don’t.

Time to get ready for the date!

Another week has begun…

I’m getting ready to leave work now (at 6:22) but I thought I had time to write a few lines here, and DELETE THOSE SENSELESS SPAM COMMENTS that have been flooding my comment box.. Wow.. people actually think that despite my moderation of all comments, there is a chance that their nonsense and shameless plugs will actually make it to publication.  NOT.

One of these days I’m going to publish some of these idiotic comments that are good for a few snickers here and there at least.  Entertaining, indeed — you’d think they would give it a little more effort to feed my blog with spam, and to at least leave a generic enough comment to “mask” their true intent.  But hey — that’s marketing for you.

So I started another week here, and Monday is almost done.  I’m thinking about what we’re having for dinner which is only half the question since the one who ultimately decides is the one holding the steering wheel on the way home.  I ought to declare a dictatorship on father and son where their stomachs are concerned to make life easier, but our daily family meals is one of the highlights of my day.  That means Dinna’s diner stays open.

It’s terribly cold again and there is talk of yet another snowstorm coming our way tomorrow and well into Wednesday.  Hmph!  Let it end please.

Meanwhile, I have to say goodbye for now and maybe I’ll visit again later in the midst of the paper punching, pasting and maybe I might yet get to make a pair of earrings or two.  Maybe.