100 Ideas 2013: The things I do to escape

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84.  Write a list of all the things you do to escape.

“Escape” is such a generic word but I’m trying not to overthink it.

1. Doodle.
2. Watch TV. (Criminal Minds, for all its gore, actually relaxes me.)
3. Write. (Blog, e-mail, write longhand..)
4. Look outside my window.
5. Close my eyes and think of happy thoughts.
6. Do crafts. (I love to make jewelry.)
7. Knead/condition polymer clay. (There’s something about putting pressure on that clay that releases the stress.)
8. Look outside my window and stare at the view outside — Midtown Manhattan from 41 storeys above.
9. Roam the aisles of Michael’s. (My boys tolerate me by waiting outside the store in the car, knowing I literally get lost in the store once I walk in.)
10. Walk into one of my notions or jewelry supply stores off of Sixth Avenue.