And January and February ran past

Can you believe that we are now almost done with the first quarter of the year? I can and cannot. Can because it has been a busy first two months of the year. Cannot because how could it have gone by soooo fast?!

And I was on a roll here — then I wasn’t. But I am not going to punish myself with that thought. I am proud of what I have done with my first two months of the year in most respects.

I am trying to be more forgiving of myself in both big and small things. I’m letting most things go— taking a deep breath or a few, then moving on. It’s taken some practice and I don’t always succeed, but for the most part, I feel lighter. And I’m hoping it holds.

Most nights I find myself tinkering with my art journal. So happy with where that’s going and the amount of work I’m actually seeing on paper. I know I should also be working on the shop, but I need to push myself just a little harder.

I’m planning a big trip in a week and a half and I’m excited yet a tad ambivalent about it all. Family can be complicated —- let me leave it at that. Yet I know deep in my heart, that is where my home is.

I have been drafting several posts in my head , but my hands have been busy with the pens and the paintbrushes and the watercolor palette. I have resisted the urge to buy new supplies— largely because I know I have some stashed away from last year’s handful of trips to Michael’s. And even with that, I continue to create. You can see I am in craft heaven.

But I am back.. again. Probably starting off a travel series beginning when I hop on that plane or before. Meanwhile, let me leave you with positive vibes and wishes for a productive week head. It’s Ash Wednesday for us Catholics, and the end of a leap year February for all of us.

Art Journal Every Day: Love and Crayons

Art Journal Every Day: Love and CrayonsThis started out with scribbling which didn’t quite work for me, so I had to “repair” it by creating something to put on top of the word art I had written. I had to scribble the caption before the crayons because it would’ve been difficult to write over with text or additional drawings.  I think the word art I put on top of it worked quite well, and I’m still thinking of other journaling to add on strips of  kraft paper to be pasted onto the heart.

This makes the third of my heart series for our Art Journal Every Day Project, inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

I’ve been raring to use crayons on kraft paper which, much like construction paper which is supposed to be a good medium for the wax to stick to, makes the color float in a more vivid fashion.  I love the way it came together, after which I decided to doodle in black ink to create the background.

The wordart was created using the “Miserable” font in outfline form, then I enclosed it in a square in random fashion and then doodled the background again.  I was torn between coloring in the letter or just leaving it blank, but in the end, my red sharpie pen called out to me.

I’m already getting ready to start the next one, although I am still not positive I will get to my 28 hearts by the end of the month.  Then again, never say never.. right?  Not all the journal entries will involved actual drawing anyway, as I am thinking of doing some hybrid scrapbooking somewhere along the way.

After days and days of not being able to start anything for my art journal project, it’s coming a bit easier now.  I’ve come to accept that art journaling per se does not require all that much journaling because the work is supposed to speak for itself.  The words will come later.

In time.

Art Journal Every Day: Zentangle, a first attempt

Art Journal Every Day: Black and WhiteEver heard of Zentangle?  It’s doodling with purpose and without.. so while I’m still trying to learn about it, I thought I’d give it a try today and voila!  My second of hopefully 28 hearts for the February Art Journal Everyday Project I’m trying to pull together for myself.

It was very therapeutic and relaxing, although I have to admit there was some pressure to come up with something beyond simple doodling.  I thought of the patterns that I loved to work with the most when I absent-mindedly scribbled on paper.  Flowers, swirls, lines.. Like my first heart, this was rendered on an 8″x8″ work area, with everything hand drawn.  I was going to use kraft paper but opted instead for white cardstock.  I’m happy I decided on that.

I used plain and simple black sign pen — as I am trying to keep with the idea of using what I have instead of spending for this project.

So why Art Journaling?  It’s not because it’s easier because sometimes, it is even harder to come up with something given my limited resources and artistic talent, but it’s another form of self expression for me.

I like how you can fill in spaces in random fashion without worrying about color or form.  Although the design was more deliberate than random, there was a lot of freedom as far as filling the spaces once the lines were drawn.  I scribbled spirals, did dots or simply shaded it in.   I thought about writing within the zentangle but decided the work spoke for itself and left it as is.  Perhaps the next one will have more journaling in words.  I’m raring to start a new piece, and this time, maybe in pink.