Starting Over at Etsy

This is cross posted in my crafting blog:

I just renewed two listings for my Etsy shop, Gotham Chick, so I have reopened the store officially.  I have two new products to post but the natural light around me is too low because of the glum weather outside, so I’ll save that for later.

Meanwhile, here are two items I already had which were ready for relisting as is.

Dancing Queen Large Dark Copper Freshwater Pearl and Tear Drop Oval Earrings, $65.00

Brown Flirty Braided Cord Hoops, $15.00

ETSY TIP:   Timing as far as posting items is concerned has to be taken into consideration as new posts make your shop “current” and visible to those shopping or browsing at any given time.   So I try to post an item in the morning and an item later in the day when the other side of the world is starting to wake up.

I hope to post my two new earrings later.  I was trying to do an inventory of the stocks I can relist when I chanced upon a pair of my rather “plain” antique brass leaf filigree earrings which I decided to spruce up with some czech press flower beads.  The creative juices started flowing and I ended up doing two pairs in different styles, and I would have gone on and on through the night but my eyes were giving in.  I’m rather excited by that new idea, so watch out for it.

Thinking about garlands and winter in the summer

I was cleaning up some “working folders” in my hard drive when I came across a bunch of pictures which, if I recall, I had edited precisely to put on this blog, but which for some reason, never got published.  (I could be wrong..)  So as I do when I want to post a picture or pictures here, I uploaded to my flickr account and picked it up from there.  Gorgeous, don’t you agree?

This was sometime in the winter late 2010, when the skies take on a different hue depending on whether snow was coming.  I don’t know if it is just me or if the skies indeed become luminous when they are heavy with snow.  And this is that part of the year when the days are shorter.  Sunset before 5pm, and complete darkness by then.

It’s almost July and I’m already thinking about Christmas.  Yes, December.  I’m thinking about holiday cards, gift tags, and maybe gifts.. handmade.. or at least partially.  Now is the best time to work with my paper baskets and woven paper frames.  I’d love to get into papermaking but I am in no position to purchase more materials to experiment with, so any projects requiring “capital investment” in any shape or form, no matter how small, will just have to wait.  Besides, there are enough new projects to get started with.

Last night I sat down way past midnight (again) and started to create these fabulous garland earrings which I ultimately finished this morning — something I’ve been meaning to do but which technique I was having a tough time with.  The bunch of beads would look too bulky, seemingly out of synch, and the long and short of it was I just wasn’t happy with the way it came out.  This time around, though, I think I nailed it.  One single strand of chain forms the base, but the depth of the beads attached to every other chain link was what made the difference.

I’m going to create a couple more pairs in different shades/combinations using the same technique so watch out for additional new pieces.  Coming soon!

Free form crochet project: Flowers (Work in progress)

I learned to crochet when I was in Grade V (or fifth grade as they would say here in the US), thanks to the private school I went to which made it a point to introduce me to various crafts as part of my Work Education class.  I didn’t do too well with the sewing machine, but I did pretty good in other needle craft.

I have always been drawn to yarn, and while I have made a vow not to acquire any new spools, seeing a ball of yarn going for dirt cheap in the discount store is just irresistible, more so when it’s in my favorite color.  (What else?  Pink.)  I was tempted to pick up a ball of each of the 5 colors available, but I didn’t want them ending in my yarn bin (or yarn “coffin” considering they usually end up untouched and unused).  So I stuck with the pink and I thought I’d grab a beige ball, too.

While I can read both written and diagram crochet patterns, I wanted to experiment with doing my own rosette or flower, hoping to create pieces for a bib necklace and/or a brooch.  It has been a struggle trying to find the right crochet pattern so I thought I’d give it a go just winging it.

I actually came up with three different versions, but I am happiest with the one shown above which solved my dilemma about having multi-row petals to give the flower volume and make it “pop out” so to speak.  Voila!

So over the weekend, I will be decorating them with pearls, beads and maybe even  buttons.  Watch out for the pictures of the finished products which I hope to post in my GothamChick shop on Etsy.  It looks like the brooches will make it to the shop sooner than the bib necklace because the pieces I’ve managed to create right now are a tad too big and bulky to use as a bouquet to adorn your neck.  Pricing will also make it very affordable because the yarn and the effort put into it have been modest.   These would be perfect to use on your coats or jackets, or even a hat.

I am still moving at a snail’s pace as far as the shop(s) is/are concerned, but I managed to post a new bracelet using a variety of czech pressed glass and czech fire polish beads in coffee-tones. (Hence, the name “Coffee medley”.) I used a new technique to “string” the beads on antique brass headpins, creating my own chain in the process which is a little trickier, but it surely saves me the cost of the chain and the hassle of worrying about beads falling through the open links.  Check it out at the shop before someone grabs it!

New Items up at GothamChick.Etsy.Com

While I am congratulating myself for having successfully beefed up my stocks for the craft fair I participated in two Saturdays ago, I am now in a serious backlog as far as posting the items up for sale in the Etsy shop.

The good news is, I managed to add quite a few pieces today.  (Pictures with links posted below.)

Carnelian Bouquet Earrings Chalk Turquoise Cross and Matte Silver Drop Earrings

Olivine Antique Brass Dangling Earrings

I actually have a ton of other things to put up in the shop but there’s the business of taking pictures, doing the write ups (which means measuring and getting accurate descriptions) and then figuring out pricing.  At least I can say I’ve gotten down to a more subjective but faster way of arriving at a price per piece, unlike before when I used to go back to images or records of how much the raw materials were purchased and then I would calculate how much each piece actually cost.  Not anymore.  I still look at the approximate cost per piece but no longer rely on actual computations.  Then I look at the piece as a whole and figure out a good profit margin which would not shortchange me as the artist, nor the buyer as the one forking out the cash to purchase my wares.

A few nights ago, I managed to put up my Domino Pendants and although four designs were initially posted, I made my first sale (!) today which leaves three in the shop.  My personal favorite, of course, is the one of “The Laughing Christ”, and I’m proud to showcase my original art of zentangled initials/monograms.

Zentangled T Monogram - Domino Pendant with Chain The Laughing Christ - Domino Pendant with Chain The Laughing Christ - Domino Pendant with Chain

My first sale was for my “A” — as I only have the letters that make up GOTHAMCHICK in the inventory, and not all of them have been rendered on domino pendants.  My first sale disproves the hubby’s unbelief in the selling power of domino pendants.

Also up are my turquoise cross pendants (graphic to follow) which have gotten a lot of oohs and ahs at the Craft Fair but which, unexpectedly, didn’t sell.  I’ve received the same compliments when I wore one, so I’m trying to see how it will go in the shop.

These days, my nights are spent inventorying what’s on hand and what’s posted in the shop.  I’ve also started stocking the earrings on earring cards (handmade, of course!) and making sure the earrings are secured by comfort clutches which I know the buyers will appreciate.

So goes my continuing attempts at keeping my store alive…

From Rainy to Sunny

I’ve taken to drafting my blogposts and product write ups on my blackberry while wading through a commute. While I could input directly, a handheld has its limitations as far as functionality is concerned. Besides, I like making use of the 45 minutes to 1 hour commute productively when the sandman gives me the chance to stay awake.

So last night as I was crawling through the last turn on the Avenue of the Americas towards 57th Street, I was hoping I could complete a blogpost before I start nodding towards la-la land. Didn’t happen. (Hahaha!)

I’m on my way to Manhattan now and hoping that my 3-day old draft will finally make it to publication.

The shop has been keeping me busy. I posted 3 items yesterday which makes me mighty proud. It makes staying up until 1:30am well worth it after I stayed up late sewing my latest brooch creation. (Picture below). I’ve always believed that those bunches of artificial flowers could actually be good for something beyond landing in a vase. I just had to re-make the flower and not use it as is.

I’ve been reading my magazines, too, egged on by the desire to send clippings to friends. One, it makes me set aside time to actually take paper and pen to write. Two, it helps me to get up to speed with my snail’s pace rate with the correspondence. Three, it forces me to actually read. Four, it’ll keep the postal service busy. (Another haha!)

Work has been a good kind of busy. My only gripe is that it means less if not “no time” to do the things I like to do (like blog). There are even days now when I fail to call my brother Nikky daily using the MagicJack. (Forget about Skype!!). Like clockwork, I know he’ll be playing Tantra on the net before he goes to sleep at midnight. But as I said, it’s a good kind of busy. It means I’m being useful.

The sun finally woke up in full splendor this morning after days of rain and grey skies.  Glorious sunshine! It would be lovely to take a walk down Central Park with my camera on hand to snap away pictures of the early stages of fall. If only I had the time.   One of these days, I will.

Autumn Flower Brooch 1

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