Tulips and grates

Spring 2013: Tulip in Bryant Park

I find the contrast in this picture very striking although it was just “another one of those pictures” I snapped away on impulse.  A gorgeous tulip in mid-bloom around the grated fence on the perimeter of one of the monuments around the park.  I was walking back to the office after getting some pasta for myself and a sandwich and soup for the boss yesterday.  I could’ve just walked past it and I almost did.  The only camera I had was my blackberry, and it wasn’t the Bold which took better pictures.  I just felt it would be such a waste of visual candy to resist, so I snapped away.

Another one of those moments when I could’ve just hurried on or given in to being dyahe or shy about stopping and taking a handheld to take a picture — these days I feel like a dinosaur taking the blackberry out when everyone else has an iPhone, Android or Galaxy.  I’m cheap.  The two blackberrys are company issued, and I can’t find a good enough reason to get any of the other phones of choice unless they were given to me for free.

I’m trying to make it home to my boy a little earlier today since the boss is out.  Not by much, but I just wanted to have more time to chill.  I have my pearl necklace to work on which, I hope I can finally start stringing today.

Stringing beads and more so pearls is not something I can claim to be good at, so I thought I’d defer to one of my sukis or favorite shops here on Sixth Avenue.  (AKA Avenue of the Americas).  When in doubt, ask someone who knows

I already knew that I had a choice between string or uber thin wire, and while he said stringing would produce a more elegant strand if knotted, when he saw my freshwater pearls (which he immediately commented must be an expensive strand), he suggested I do wire instead given that I meant to produce a multistrand choker.  So wire , it is.  I’m excited to lay out the strands and maybe start crimping the ends.  Maybe.

I like the feeling of knowing I have created something.   I’ll get to it soon.

Projects in the works

So I’ve been putting together christmas gift tags,  cards and other paper goods to sell at another store I’ve put up.  The idea is to come up with tags that are economical and yet worth using to dress up your holiday gifts.  Why plaster a plain sticker onto the gifts you give away when you can actually put something creative that has character to add your personal touch?  (Okay, I’m trying to sell my stuff already..)

It’s a little tricky trying to come up with a two-fold card when you think you put a label on the backside on the right side of the paper, and when it comes to that time when you have to cut it up, you realize you misprinted something.  After using what I thought was the right template, I proceeded to create several pieces and just discovered that one such side was skewed, so I will have to discard one layout and luckily, the second of two can be salvaged.

I’m working on vintage images of Santa Claus that I converting into quaint gift tags.  (Why is Dinna going through all the trouble?  Because there are people who buy it on Etsy. )

Speaking of which, I’m in the process of creating another necklace using this enchanting antique brass curved leaf focal I’ve fallen in love with.  I just got two more from my supplier and am working on creating it using my chunky dark brown freshwater rice pearls which, as always, makes me want to keep it for myself.  (I like, I like!)   The Mocha Feather Sweetheart Freshwater Pearl Necklace is currently still on sale and will soon be joined by my Dark Copper Feather Sweetheart Freshwater Pearl Necklace.  It’s almost done save for the extender chain.  I’m still trying to make up my mind about what I will use for the third one.

But back to my paper projects for the moment, I’ll hopefully be able to upload a picture soon.  I’m handcutting around the images so it looks very vintage-y and yet the print is vibrant and stands out.

It’s me getting into the Christmas spirit and trying to get another business off the ground.  It never hurts to be ready for the holiday rush.

Creative Streak

It’s minutes to 1AM and I’m just about ready to turn in but I suddenly got the urge to log on and write here.

Three bracelets posted for sale, one sold. Four bracelets later (for posting tomorrow), and I’m actually trying to think of new things to make so I can spend the day doing my write ups. Creating the pieces is actually easier and more spontaneous than trying to write a blurb while measuring the materials used to make the description as accurate as possible.

I’ve started a fanpage and am trying to decide which piece/s I will give away as prizes for those who choose the fanpage as a “like”. (15 so far.. no stats to boast of yet, I know.)

My wholesale supplier just concluded a huge sale and I was able to pick up a few items, but I have fallen in love with this gorgeous dark copper dyed freshwater pearls selling originally for $14.95 which went on sale for $2.00 (!) per 15-inch strand. They are 9-10mm rice pearls, some perfectly smooth and some ringed. How I would love to get 10 strands to create a long continuous necklace. I am hoping I can snatch up a few more strands after I sell a few more items on the store. Ideas, ideas!