The Gift of 50 – an Update

So the new year is upon us and my 50th year on this earth is more than halfway done.  Time to do this more systematically, so in the following weeks down to the first week of April, I’m hoping to do a report on the specific tasks I have set out under this banner.  I had written about the idea rather haphazardly in February of last year, and then I had updated this as of the 13th of April.  There are already a few I had sent out and done, but which, I have not been able to write about.

As I write this, I actually have around 4 in the works, and I hope to send out more after the weekend.

Back in February, I wrote:

We always underestimate our ability to make a difference in someone else’s life.  And I think that we have to start thinking small and doing things that are easier but not any less impactful than the millionaire philanthropists out there who can change tides in one fell swoop.  A simple greeting in the morning can change the way someone’s day turns out.  I know it has worked for me, so I imagine it can mean something to others as well.

I know it sounds so cliche to say that we can all make a difference.  But we actually can.  And I think we’ll all be more successful in doing that if we start thinking about the everyday things we can do and do them more often.

There is a sense of purpose that goads me into actually doing this, and sometimes, just seeing a smile on someone’s face is enough to keep me going.  Knowing that something I want to discard can actually make a difference in someone else’s collection makes me stop and put that something aside.

I still can’t help but wish I could do more, and in time, I will.  There is always the next year.. let’s take care of this one first.

This blog has a page dedicated to this topic for regular updating.  I haven’t been too good with that but I’m trying to keep up and catch up.