Work in Progress: Philippine Map Postcard with Lupang Hinirang in the background

Work in progress: Philippine Map Postcard

I’ve been trying to do this during breaks and when I can find a quiet moment to sit.  Even in the water park, I sat on a deck chair and scribbled.  It took three tries before I got the whole anthem to fit on the sheet, and now I know how big (or how small) the lettering should be on my postcard.  It’s not quite finished though, yet.  I have to fill in some ‘unpainted’ gaps on the paper and again apply the distress ink on the edges.  Or not.

I went back to work today and had to rush through a book I had to pull together for the boss.  I literally had to tell people to call tomorrow or next week to follow up on other requests because I had no energy to tackle anything else besides focus on the boss.  We had a few good laughs — and laughter on a busy day is always good. 

I wanted to try my hand on the daily prompt but it would’ve taken my 100 % concentration to muster a coherent post given the task.  So I just let it go. 

I’m busy trying to make my mind up about going on a personal field trip (again) to see a craft fair show, this time in West Springfield, MA on Sunday.  I can do it by bus but it would mean getting to the city before 8AM.  The trip will take around 3 1/2 hours, which is good — because it means I don’t have the whole day to browse and do damage to my bank account. LOL  I’m just a little reluctant because the boy has a project due on Monday.  I guess it all depends on how much we get to accomplish this Saturday.

I wanted to be able to get more dies (to use with my die-cutter) and spray inks, etc.  I wanted to see more demos and more stores… (I’m starting to feel giddy happy just thinking about it.)

The thing is I’m on solo duty until Saturday evening.  I would’ve gone Saturday, but I have to stay home.  Oh, well.. at least it’s Friday — finally!



Mail Art Postcard Series: Philippine Map 1 (Zentangled Background)

I’m trying to be more focused about what personal art I indulge in.  One of the things that I have decided to keep doing is make my own postcards for trading.  It’s just that I had decided to confine the effort to drawing Philippine Map postcards, the first of which is pictured below.

Mail Art Postcard: Philippine Map 1

I have 10 templates ready for drawing and one uncolored print out for reference. You can read about the process I followed to create this and the materials I used at Gotham Chick.  It’s something anyone can come up with given enough imagination and the patience to draw in the zentangle patterns which I went to Tangle Patterns to for reference.

I have a short list of people to send the first 5 to 6 postcards but if you’re interested to be put on the distribution list, please e-mail me at postcardmailbox at  I’m sending out the actual artwork and keeping a digital copy for my own files.  This is a long-term project and it takes me anywhere from one hour to one day or more to complete one piece, but I’m going to try to send out at least two a week.  This plus the JOURNAL ON A JOURNEY should keep me creatively busy. 

I want to start sending the out by the middle of the month and keep going from there.  The means by which the Philippine map is shown might change in time, but being a map postcard collector, this is of special significance to me.  I had meant to be actively trading postcards again, but that has slowed down because of other swaps.  That is why I’ve made a decision to confine my swaps to minimal effort undertakings so that I veer away from the pressure.

I’ve greatly enjoyed exchanging postcards with the fellow-Pinoy postcard collectors over at the Facebook Postcrossing Philippines group.  I don’t really care much what is sent to me, but I enjoy sending back postcards to help their individual collections grow.

Postcard collecting has changed through the years — be it my own collecting method and interests to what is the norm these days.  Postcrossing has become rather popular in recent years, although this would work for those collectors who are trying to grow their collection in terms of size of postcards received or countries received from.  My collection was initially geared that way, but I had long since confined my collection to anything Philippines (meaning vintage, new, unused and stamped), anything New York, Maps, lighthouses and anything Paris.  (That’s the francophile in me.)

This is but another “variation” of my collecting method — sending out my own map postcards of the country where I was born and raised it.