Art Journal Every Day: Forever in my heart

Art Journal Every Day: Forever in my heartPink. Specifically, Fuschia Pink.

I had tucked in the boy last night and almost fell asleep beside him. I rose again at a few minutes past 11pm and turned on the TV. Somewhere between the reruns of Criminal Minds (which has gotten me totally hooked!), I started the swirls and patterns and at just before 1AM finally finished this. Somehow the work was more fluid and flowed easily. Working with the right shade of pink helped.

I tried to be more experimental with my scribblings, using smaller spaces for the patterns delineated and then distinguishing colored and plain lines to create a contrast. It’s hard to explain, and not that I mean to, but it has been truly therapeutic for me even if I do it in spurts.

I don’t remember ever finishing any of my 8 hearts in one sitting. It is always a staggered process which allows me to be more creative. Sometimes in putting in the tiny details, I find myself just getting lost in the repetitive action and it just soothes my weary mind.

Forever in my heart…

The caption came just as spontaneously.  I thought of things that were dear to me and memories which are literally forever etched in my heart of hearts.  I think of the happy thoughts and the feelings that matter.  I am not talking about pain or sorrow.  Not that I have not had those aplenty, but I have always tried to move on as best I could and let those negative feelings go.  Life is short, they all say.  So I count the good ones and tuck away the bad in those nooks and crannies where they can disappear into nothingness.  Let the happy thoughts and the good memories be the ones that I keep forever in my heart.

Art Journal Every Day: Blessed

Art Journal Every Day: BlessedI have two other hearts I need to finish, but I stayed up until almost 2am Monday morning working on this one.  I would normally just create the 8″ x 8″ frame on a piece of kraft paper and tape it onto a folder for me to work on later.  The heart itself was created over the weekend but I didn’t quite have the journaling conceptualized until I sat down to finish it last night between “On Demand” viewing of my favorite TV shows.

I have set the goal of creating 28 hearts for each day of the month of February as a way of participating in the Art Journal Every Day project.  I must say it can be intimidating because there are a lot of real artists in the group, but I am doing this not to show off or compete but more to put my thoughts and feelings on paper through my own drawings, collages, and attempts at art.

This is my sixth and it’s the 21st of February.  I am trying but it’s not exactly something I sit down to finish in but a few minutes.  I currently have 2 cut-out hearts where the heart itself is already finished, but I messed up the background or journaling so I need to paste it onto a clean sheet to start over.  I can’t believe I have run out of glue, though.. horrors!

I have at least 2 other heart collages so that makes 4 works in progress.  While I am not totally optimistic I will finish my 28 hearts by the end of the month, I know I will be able to make my 28 hearts.  Looking at the big picture, though, I have no intention of creating 365 layouts for the year.  That would be too ambitious!

Hearts are easier to work with.  I try to think of something related to love.  Maybe I’ll be able to use these zentangle attempts in future products to showcase in my other Etsy shop, Paperkrafts,  where I have paper products for sale.  I have stopped production while I concentrate on making more jewelry pieces for GothamChick to get things moving by converting the supplies I have in stock into saleable pieces.

For now I am  just enjoying the doodling and the relaxation it has afforded me.  I can pick up a work in progress between chores like I did yesterday while cooking.  (Which reminds me, my hour-long break between breakfast and lunch is almost over.)  I like staying home because it lets me catch up with “me” time, but it also means being on my feet taking care of everyone else half the time.  Can you believe we got some snow again???  When will it end?!

Well, have to finish my works in progress and post them here.

“Blessed.  When I count my blessings, I start with all the love so many others have showered my life with.”

Art Journal Every Day: Zentangle, a first attempt

Art Journal Every Day: Black and WhiteEver heard of Zentangle?  It’s doodling with purpose and without.. so while I’m still trying to learn about it, I thought I’d give it a try today and voila!  My second of hopefully 28 hearts for the February Art Journal Everyday Project I’m trying to pull together for myself.

It was very therapeutic and relaxing, although I have to admit there was some pressure to come up with something beyond simple doodling.  I thought of the patterns that I loved to work with the most when I absent-mindedly scribbled on paper.  Flowers, swirls, lines.. Like my first heart, this was rendered on an 8″x8″ work area, with everything hand drawn.  I was going to use kraft paper but opted instead for white cardstock.  I’m happy I decided on that.

I used plain and simple black sign pen — as I am trying to keep with the idea of using what I have instead of spending for this project.

So why Art Journaling?  It’s not because it’s easier because sometimes, it is even harder to come up with something given my limited resources and artistic talent, but it’s another form of self expression for me.

I like how you can fill in spaces in random fashion without worrying about color or form.  Although the design was more deliberate than random, there was a lot of freedom as far as filling the spaces once the lines were drawn.  I scribbled spirals, did dots or simply shaded it in.   I thought about writing within the zentangle but decided the work spoke for itself and left it as is.  Perhaps the next one will have more journaling in words.  I’m raring to start a new piece, and this time, maybe in pink.