A bright day despite the muggy skies

 It’s a muggy day in Manhattan today.  No matter — we’re celebrating Alan’s birthday, which, per our tradition is another week-long celebration.  So I started my day by giving thanks.  We had to detour through 3rd Avenue due to heavy construction along our usual route to Avenue of the Americas, so I had Alan drop me off at St. Agnes Parish on 43rd Street. 

I sat down and I just listened to the solemn chanting.  I said “Thank you, Lord” and I just kept still and listened.  I have learned that prayer doesn’t have to be about words.  There is always so much that can be said even when you are not saying anything.  I felt my chest tighten as I recalled how just a few months back, I sat there crying my heart out just seeking comfort.  I asked a question and got my answer.  I looked around me and saw a handful of people deep in conversation with their God.  I prayed for them as well.

I regret that I don’t do this more often.  I am sure Jesus feels like a neglected friend.  For someone who prides herself as one loyal friend to those whom I count as such, I feel bad that I have been remiss.

I looked around and felt recharged — and I hied off to start my day.  Off to the Grand Central Market to cut through to 42nd Street to catch a bus to my side of Midtown.  I couldn’t help it — I grabbed a caramel nut bar  from my favorite chocolatier, Lilac.  lilaccaramel1 I walked down Grand Central but did not stop to take photographs  like I’m wont to do whenever I find myself here.  I have things waiting for me to be done back in the office, so I resisted the temptation to stay and linger.  A quick stop at Papyrus was an excercise in futility — despite their finely crafted cards, they missed out on snagging the likes of Amanda Bradley whose prose had conveyed our sentiments via Hallmark cards for as long as I can remember.  When the words we write cannot fully express what we mean in our hearts, there’s always a Hallmark card.

There was a time in my life when I wrote what, for me, were poems.  I wrote a series I called “Prayers in Prose” which were essentially conversations with my God.  It has been ages since inspiration visited so I haven’t had any recent works.  I now write spontaneously here in my corner of the blogsphere.   But on this day I just want to say Thank you for the blessings that have sustained me through to this day.  I look out the window towards Midtown Manhattan and I see the sun peeking out.  Hope springs eternal — even in the darkness, there is always the promise of a new day.  So I close my eyes and I take a deep breath and I smile to the Heavens.. “Thank you, Lord, for all that you have brought into my life.. my happiness and strength all lie in You.”