Wishing I could extend the weekend

Alan and I are sitting next to each other on the sofa with our respective laptops.  I’m dead tired and ready to hit the sack but I wanted to be able to write something here.

Where did the weekend go?  I must say it was fruitful and productive for me but still I find myself caught up with a hundred and one things to do.  (I have a pair of slacks I need to repair here tonight but I don’t think I have the energy to do that anymore.)

I have two comments I must respond to on this blog and I will have to do that tomorrow.  It’s Halloween!  I’m busy trying to cook up an excuse to leave the office early but I have to go because my boss to be will be there.  So many things to do, I tell you, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I have a free play in one of my lotto tickets.