The things I'm thankful for

Below is a post I started drafting on Thanksgiving day itself but didn’t get to finish until Sunday after Thanksgiving while writing a missive to my bestfriend, Fe..

Today is a big holiday weekend for Americans as they celebrate Thanksgiving.  For someone who has lived here the last 5 years, I’ve learned to live as they do and consider myself adapted to the spirit of this holiday.  Of course Christmas is still my favorite holiday — in fact we are going to decorate the house this weekend.  But in the meantime, more than just looking forward to the family feast, I want to stop and think about the things I’m thankful for on this day of giving thanks.

A loving husband and a healthy son.. Although it was at the cost of giving up everything back home, I wouldn’t trade the life I have with my son and my better half for anything — challenges and all.  All I have to do is flash a picture of Angel’s disarming smile in my mind and all my worries and aches and pains go away, and I’m reminded of how truly blessed I am.

The love of my parents, siblings and friends.. We have our share of soap drama in the family but I feel lucky to still have my parents with me.  Even if my siblings and I have different personalities, we grew up very tight and remain very close to this day.  My sister would have no qualms borrowing my toothbrush if we had no choice and my brother would have no qualms running to me for help — and I would be the same towards them.  We have had our disagreements but we have always held on to the bond of family.  I feel equally blessed by the presence of the people who have become true and dear friends through the years.  I have been fortunate that even if we are 10,000 miles apart, we have remained true to each other.

There are many things I say thanks for with each passing day.  I thank God for the fact that He has given me another day.. I thank Him for the wisdom to deal with the challenges I face — for the little miracles that give me the big ones.  I thank Him for His presence in my life — something not everyone is fortunate enough to have in theirs.

Yes, I give thanks to Him for everything I have and will have in my life.