Web Conversations

This might be a second take on the topic — but something I just wanted to write about (again?) because of the exchanges I’ve been having with Pinoys from all over the world who somehow find their way into my little corner of the blogsphere here.

My visitors come from all walks of life and blog about different things — from the trivialities of life to food to motherhood, etc.  Our common thread is being Pinoy.  You’re always Pinoy at heart, I guess, even if you were born and raised here like my blogfriend Daryl.  I find it comforting to see comments posted on things I rant and rave about here, because then I know I’m communicating my thoughts and feelings to someone other than Alan.  (He must be my most devoted blog reader.. — then again, he should be, he’s stuck with me. LOL)

I’ve always been pretty open minded when people react to something I say — be it on the web or in person.  I seek out my friend’s counsel although now that they are all 10,000 miles away, it’s become a little slower to do the exchanges even via e-mail or text messaging or phonecalls.  Having been always big on communication, I believe it’s not just what I say that matters but what the other person says as well.  So keep the comments coming.. it’s one of the things that keep this blog alive.