"Promise Ain't Enough"

One of my all-time favorite groups is HALL & OATES.  I’ve been listening to their music since I was a teener, but one of their lesser known songs is very close to my heart.  Ever heard of the song with the same title above?  I didn’t even know it was them when I first heard it, and next to “Kiss on my List” and “Wait for Me”, this is the song I find most endearing in their body of work.

Alan and I watched their concert at Jones Beach last year and it was one of the best concerts we saw — I was singing with them and Michael McDonald all through out.

Took a lifetime to find what I want — I won’t let it get away.

(Took a lifetime to find my heart, and I give it all to you.)

If a promise ain’t enough, then a touch says everything.

Got to hold you in my arms — til you feel what I mean.

Know that my heart just tells me what to say

but words can only prove so much.

If a promise ain’t enough, hold on to my love.

Feeling sentimental again.  This is one song that lifts the spirit and warms the heart.  I think of Alan when I listen to it — and I think of the good feelings and thoughts associated with it even if I’m probably one of very few who are even familiar with the song.

I knew I wasn’t going to hear it during the concert last year — but hey, I can always play the CD and loop it to play over and over again.  We meant to watch them again last year but they played New York when we were on our own with Angel, so there was no chance we could pull it off.  Maybe next year..

And while they might not sing it, I have the song in my heart.