Keeping the Peace

No, I haven’t sent out that e-mail just yet.  I’ve edited it about 3 times since I started my day this morning.  It just doesn’t feel quite right yet and I will keep tweaking it until I’m comfortable enough to send it out.  *SIGH*  It’s difficult to respond to a very angry e-mail even when you’re on the defensive and not the offensive.  I’m actually afraid the one who wrote the e-mail I’m responding to might have a heart attack because he’s just too angry with the whole world.  (Me included.. oops..LOL)

The nun-educated part of me made me pray to the Holy Spirit earlier.  I think it worked some, but as my born again friends would say, it’s hard to be a Christian more so during times when you’re coming under attack.

So I tried to get some work done on my scrapbook and I think I did well with one more layout.  Just have to put together the embellishments and decide on the picture we’re putting up there.  Then that means 2 layouts are finally done. I really should take a picture of them but I’m at that page where I want to put Angel’s baptismal invite, so I’ll wait for until then.

Time to get working on that scrapbook!