Friday, Friday..

It was a good Friday.  The boss decided to work from home but we were in constant touch.  I still prefer him in the office because then I know where he is exactly and what he’s doing.  Not that he’s high maintenance either way.  As I tell everyone who asks how life is these days, I tell them all I’m happy because I can’t ask for a better boss.

It’s gotten so much colder.  Fortunately I went to work wearing a light coat because it was drizzling earlier and I’ve been carrying a thin scarf in my bag since the nights got chillier. 

I went ahead of Alan and stopped by the grocery to pick up a handful of items… dinner tonight was a toss up between NEGAMAKI (scallions wrapped in sukiyaki thin beef in teriyaki sauce) or CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA as inspired by Ces.  I followed her lead and took the recipe from courtesy of Giada Di Laurentiis.  The Chicken Saltimbocca won only because thin-sliced chicken cutlets were available.  (Which menas we’re having the Negamaki tomorrow instead.)

I was hoping to go to the Central Park Zoo tomorrow but I don’t think that would be a good idea unless the weather gets better tomorrow.  I doubt it.  But then again, you’ll never know.