Catching up on the reading: My Bookshelf, My Kindle

I have actually vowed NOT to buy any books until I can jumpstart my reading again, and while I have been cradling my Apple iPad and my Kindle  and keeping them handy in my tote, I haven’t really done much reading in the last couple of months.  Not good, I know.

Right now I have around 5 hard bound books waiting to be read, and I’ve gotten nowhere with Betty White’s “If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t)(Note to self: Hoping to finish THIS weekend!) and I’ve practically given up on Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods: A Novel(One more try?).  What I’m raring to start reading (which is going against what I just said I had vowed) is George R. R. Martin’s third installment of  “A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3) which I just downloaded.

So maybe — just maybe — I’ll finish American Gods.. and get on with reading Agassi’s “Open (which was actually Ofie, my sister’s pick), and get on with catching up with the Grisham books I have yet to read.  (Soooo way behind with that one, too!)  I know I want to read more than I actually manage to.  I can certainly do better.  With theKindle just a touch away, I really have no excuse.  And there are the other books I downloaded which I hope to eventually get to.. if I can get a 48-hour day.  LOL

My books have always been a source of solace and pride for me.  Solace because they have provided me with a place where I can enrich myself without actually going anywhere and spending for more than what the book would’ve cost.  Pride because I count them as a personal accomplishment when I think about the books I HAVE managed to read.  It makes me feel as though I am actually doing something proactive to keep my brain cells alive and kicking. =) Let’s see how many books I will manage to finish reading this 2012. 12? That’s a modest and reasonable goal. Let’s hope I meet it.

Kindle with Me: Reading Goals, 2011

I got my Kindle last Christmas and have looked at it with a sense of fulfillment and pride each day, even if I haven’t sat down to earnestly read longer than a half hour. “Dinna’s Kindle.”. (I type that and a smile forms on my face.)

Last year was a big disappointment in the “Catch Up with the Reading” department, so much so that the “Bookshelf” app on my Facebook account seems to have disappeared for being inactive and untouched. (Yes, my El Fili in English has disappeared somewhere in the coat closet as well.).

One month of 2011 has gone and I haven’t chalked up anything read as yet. The good news is, I have quite a few under “being read” so I thought I’d start a widget here on the blog sidebar for books I am reading now. I am hoping that will be a visual reminder of my longstanding goal of getting back to the habit of personal enrichment through reading.

I will not set any goal beyond finishing a book every month. So between this weekend to the end of Feb, the goal is to read two books.  Reasonable enough.

The great thing about Kindle is that its e-book library offers many classics for free, that is why I’ve downloaded Pride And Prejudice and Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Thanks to the influence of my friends Fe, Jher and Jerome — I am intrigued by Mr. Darcy.

I am optimistic that this time around next year, I will be able to chalk up 12 books read (AT LEAST), hard copy or otherwise.

Wish me luck!

No Kindle, but got my Mammogram

I recently joined an internal contest requesting for stories about what makes one proud to work where I work.  My prime motivation really was the prize: a kindle.  It’s one of those thing I put in the “nice to have but can do without” category, but I figured since it was about WRITING a story, plus there were supposed to be 2 winners selected so I thought it was worth a shot.

Alas, I just got my first rejection letter.  Guess I wasn’t meant to “kindle” after all.  Okay, trying to get over initial disappointment.

So I jump into my corner here where I reign as winner and queen. =)

Today is my “annual mammogram” check up.  After so many years of coming to this place, they tell me now that my primary insurance carrier is now “out-of-network”.  Thank God the hubby’s insurance is another company, although technically owned by mine.  The business of living is expensive just like the business of dying is.

I’ve been called to change into the gown and I see a woman in tears.  Six years ago, I was that woman, although it wasn’t because of a mammogram but rather an ultrasound where I found out the fetus inside me which was supposed to be 11 weeks already had stopoped growing at 9 weeks.  I know the feeling.

Mammogram done, back to work.

I’ve been asked to go back once (last year) and the wait between the call and the “all clear” after the second was torture.  It’s like getting the proverbial “seeing your life go before your eyes” but in slow motion.  So if I don’t get a call in the next three hours, I’ll be good.

I remember evangelizing about the importance of getting a mammogram to my high school classmates who  have been traipsing around Asia and the country but have not been too keen on scheduling an excursion to an imaging center.  This despite the fact that at least 2 dear friends have had to go through the horrors of breast cancer just recently.  While survival rates have dramatically increased in recent years due to the advances in medicine, early detection is still the key.  (Note to self: bug these ladies!)

So between my “kindle” miss and my mammogram being taken cared of this year, I’ve had a full day even if I’m just hitting the mid-portion of my usual day.  Just another day in the city…