Friday Five on a Friday…

We want to stick to Friday so I’m writing this while I’m non the road to join a dinner gathering. The boys are discussing TV shows. I’m in my own little world here in the backseat.

I had hoped to post midway through the week but decided the things I wanted to post about were better done over the weekend, so I took a break.

So here goes last week’s Friday’s Five:

1.  Write those letters.  will still try.  The tutorial is in the works for posting eventually at Gotham Chick (my craft blog). Still trying to carve out time to write.

2.  Post the almost finished bracelets and necklaces in the shop.  I had gotten busy finishing a batch for a bridal shower and have been otherwise preoccupied all week but will do this this week .

3.  Finish at least one more background at the end of my altered book.  I was able to do some journaling but didn’t quite get to the backgrounds..

4. Destash more magazine by going through them and getting what I need.   Unbelievable but done!!.

5.  Create more polymer clay beads.  In progress..

You’ll have to pardon the seeming repetitiveness of my list.  There are weeks when more get ticked off and taken out of the list, but that is not always the case.

This coming week, I am hoping to do a take 2 of the above list save for number 4 and finish them by the next Friday Five post.

1.  Write those letters.  will still try.

2.  Post the almost finished bracelets and necklaces in the shop.

3.  Finish at least one more background at the end of my altered book.

4.  Create more polymer clay beads.  In progress..

5.  Complete a bunch of THANK YOU POSTCARDS.

There you go.  No promises except to keep trying.

My Friday Five

I didn’t quite to do much over the past week and my Friday Five so I’m able to tick off only number 3 and 5 from last week’s list.  As that is the case, this week’s Friday Five stays pretty much the same with a tweak or two.

Last Week’s:

1. Write G. And maybe C..

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop.  

3. Wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.

5. Send postcards home to Angelo from the trip. 

This week’s Friday Five:

1. Send more postcards out (and maybe a letter).. I did send out postcards but not all that I wanted to.  I have at least 4 postcards I’m hoping to send out this week.

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop.  I might even actually get to list new items as my number three last week has gotten me into a creative frenzy.

3. 20140509-103855.jpgContinue to wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.. I actually didn’t get to do much on the road but I got a lot done over the course of the week

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.  Hmmmmmm.

5. Go back to my Art Journal Every Day entries this weekend and hopefully do some journaling.  There just hasn’t been enough time and energy to give into art journaling lately but I am hopeful that I will manage a post or two this weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!

My Friday Five

On the way to work, a “bus mate” got on the bus from his usual stop and I couldn’t help but take a hard look at his face because he seemed to be so angry at the world.  My seatmate who is a neighbor couldn’t help but notice, too, and she made a funny comment about how he looked so angry so early in the morning.  We were speaking in the vernacular, and I whispered to her the young man was Filipino, too.  But he did look so angry.  Or maybe he was just having a bad morning.  Then I thought I have bad mornings, too, but I try to smile, or I try to get out of that rut early in the morning to make it easier to carry during the day. 

That can make such a big difference when things aren’t working out as you were hoping they would.

I told my friend that back when I was in grade school, my family lived on the San Juan side just beyond Greenhills, and I went to school in St. Paul College of Pasig.  Every morning, I made sure that by the time the car crossed EDSA, I would look towards the traffic coming from the south and smile.  I’d hold that smile until I got off the car.  Back then it was more for the wrinkles I was trying to prevent, and so that I could start afresh before I started my day in school.

Smile.  As they used to say, it’s free — it doesn’t cost a pretty penny.

Here’s a new Friday Five.  So last week I got some done — and that wasn’t bad at all.   This week will be a little different because we’re driving to Washington DC with some cousins from Manila to see other cousins there and visit the nation’s capital.  Still, there are things that need to be put on the list.

1. Write G. And maybe C..  As those who read regularly probably know by now, I’m one of the few trying to keep the post office relevant and in business in this day and age of electronic this and that.  I’m trying to write regularly and have finally sent out the letter to L.  I am getting there!

2. Re-list at least 2 items in the shop. (Won’t have time to finish a piece but can certainly relist.)

3. Wire wrap crochet undrilled gemstone nuggets.. This I intend to do on the road as I’ve been able to do it on the bus, with my crochet hook and wire on hand.  I can save the actual wrapping for later.

4. Write a post over at GothamChick.  That blog has been languishing the last couple of weeks with nary a peep from me.  And not for lack of anything creative to do!

5. Send postcards home to Angelo from the trip.  This is how I’ve been documenting our travels  through the years, and while this is our nth visit to DC, there are always postcards to send and new things to write.

Hope you’re having a good Friday wherever you are — here’s to a great weekend for us all.

It was a cloudy morning but another sunrise is always reason to be grateful for another day… Happy Friday, everyone! #mynewyork #sunrise #happyfriday #weekend #grateful


100 Ideas 2013: 10 Habits of mine

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94. List 10 of your habits.

1.  I unplug my phones charging on the bedside as I get up and take them to the breakfast counter with me.

2.  I weigh myself before taking anything for breakfast.

3.  I always have to make a stop at the little girl’s room before I leave the house or before I leave the office.

4.  I say my prayers as I walk out the door on my way to the bus stop.

5.  I always kiss Angelo goodbye before I step out the door, or on those days when I get the chance to drop him off, I hug him tight and kiss him before he starts his day in school.

6.  I paint my face in the bus or in the car on the way to work.

7.  I make it a point to greet every security person and receptionist I pass on my way to my desk on the top floor of our building.

8.  I take off my rings and other jewelry as I walk into the house after work.

9.  I have to drink a glass of water before I retire for the day.

10.  I plug my phone (which is my alarm clock, too) and charge it by the bedside.

100 Ideas 2013: The places I have lived in

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37.  List all the places you have lived in.

Unlike some people who have lived from place to place, you can count the places I’ve lived in one hand.

1.  I was born and lived out my toddler years in a lowel level rental (silong) in the town proper of San Juan.  My parents were still starting out back then, and it was a tiny but cozy place good enough for a growing family like ours.  We had a tiny living room that led into a dining room, and then you had to walk a few steps up to our bedroom which housed my parents, my sister and any guests who slept over.  It was in a noisy part right off of what we considered the main street in town, “N. Domingo”. 

2.  By the time I was four, my youngest brother was born and my parents bought what would be our family home for the next 43 years.  It was still in the same town, still off of a street branching out from N. Domingo, but now in a residential area.  It was a huge house which had its own maid’s quarters, and although there was a guest room, my siblings and I grew up sharing one bedroom.  When we hit our teens, my brother got the other room but on the same floor.  It was a spacious home which saw many parties and celebrations.  We just recently moved out after giving it up.

3.  When I first arrived here in New York in 2000, we were renting a two-bedroom apartment in Floral Park, another part of Queens.  We were evicted by the draconian landlord who insisted my arrival violated the terms of the lease for the two-bedroom unit besides the state practice that each bedroom was habitable by two people.  My mother-in-law had shared the apartment with my then fiance and I would’ve simply been the third occupant.  I liked it because it was near some stores, and easily commutable, but it was far from the city.  I wasn’t working yet so that was sort of a bummer.  I could only go so far and had to rely on Alan to take me to and from the city.  I only spent a few months here until we found our own place after we got married.

4.  Around half a year from my arrival, we moved into another first floor one-bedroom unit in a very nice area of Queens called Bayside, which is on the other side of the same community where I am now.  (I am still in Bayside.)  Those were learning years for me as I discovered I could cook, thanks to the Barnes & Noble behind our apartment row where I would spend afternoons to copy recipes, then I would walk over to the Waldbaums next door to do my groceries.  We stayed at this apartment until we had saved enough for a down payment on our own home.

5.  When we finally found our place, we knew it would be in the same area where we last rented, but on the other side.  We liked the cultural mix of the area (Asian and Jewish mix) and the school zone was a prized factor in driving real estate values up.  We have been here for the last 11 years, and we’re not going anywhere.  I like the community and how it makes one feel you are in an enclave away from the buzz of the city, and yet you are not too far away.  I can’t see myself living elsewhere except the city perhaps which is unlikely.

100 Ideas 2013: 10 Things I’d like to do everyday

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59.  List ten things you’d like to do everyday.

1.  Pray at the start of my day. 

2.  Read (as in read a book or a full-length article).

3.  Write a blog post in my two blogs.

4.  Walk outside or to some place quiet and just sit a while for 10 minutes doing nothing.

5.  Do some personal art.

6.  Write and send out a postcard.

7.  Throw away something I don’t need anymore.

8.  Exercise.

9.  Call, text or email my family back in Manila. 

10.  Do something to help keep me healthy, be it cutting down on my soda intake consciously or excercising.