Paying closer attention

Friday sunsetThat there, is my everyday view of an autumn sunset when I stay late enough at work when the sunsets come earlier. I probably have a couple of hundred different shots of the view from this perch and in our former building a few blocks down. I have two different views of the same landscape, and I can’t quite make up my mind which one is the better one.

Once upon a time, I only saw this on the screen and in postcards. You’d think that after almost two decades of looking at this cityscape, it would’ve become ordinary in my eyes. And yet I find myself continually awed by this breathtaking skyline.

I normally take pictures at the end of the day to capture the sunset, but from time to time, I’d do it when the skyline becomes a silhouette in the rain or under then clouds.

Muggy day

There is no view of this cityscape that is ever ordinary. Be it the play of lights or the shadows that the sun casts on the buildings or the water, nature’s brushstrokes never fail to amaze. You just have to pay closer attention to what you think might be ordinary– and there you will find the fabulous..

Simply breathtaking.

A snapshot this evening of 42nd street from 41 storeys above Manhattan

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above from Pinay New Yorker

I was trying to get a shot to submit for the weekly photo challenge which had “FROM ABOVE” as topic, but I realize now it’s not exactly “from above.” It’s more from up high. (I know, I’m nitpicking but maybe I just need a little more confidence to make a submission.)

Quite a nice picture, though, taken as I was leaving the office today.

Art Journal Every Day: New York, My Home

Art Journal Every Day No. 3: My Home: New York CityMy first attempt at rendering something in watercolor.

I turned one of my own photographs of the Manhattan skyline into an “edged” outline which I painted into.  I had originally thought of doing a sunset backdrop but I didn’t like the way the red, orange and yellow were worked in together so I did a blue and black wash over it.

The words/letters are all from newspaper clippings which again, I tried to paint over but which didn’t go over quite well so I ended up writing/coloring over with markers.  I tried.

The actual journaling in block print actually felt like a mistake once done but I thought, hey, it was a good first attempt, and one I can hopefully learn from.

I have another layout I haven’t quite decided on yet, but which I hope to round up my January participation in the Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Art Journal Every Day project.  I am going to try to do 28 hearts for February, so I don’t want to leave my existing layouts hanging.

On with the art journaling.