Misty Monday

I actually have a monicker that’s shoe-related somewhere, and the number one question I get asked when people find out I’m Filipina is how many shoes I have.. I will proudly say not as many as the infamous Imelda, but just enough.  Unlike my Starbucks mugs and postcards, there’s no shoe collection to speak of.  However, I am a good shopper, so a “Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off” deal on rain boots at a boutique near me saw me getting 2 pairs. One was a short pair, and the other the usual tall ones.

#HappyFeet this #rainy day in #NYC. #rainboots #shoelove #shoes #boots #readyfortherain #cuteshoes
I picked them in a funky floral print and a lace mock up, and I’m quite happy with my purchase.  So my feet will be well dressed and dry as the rains come.  Like today.  $42 for both and I even got a free item — I chose a pair of practical flip flops.


#FoggyNYC #nofilter #cantseeathing #mynyc #myny #NewYorkCity

Monday wasn’t meant to be a sunny day and it was obvious from the start.  It was wet outside (hence, the raingear), and temperatures have dropped yet again.  (Our heat is on, for one. =(..)  I know, I shouldn’t be complaining.  But we expect April showers and it’s June.  Almost summer, imagine?

So what do I do on days like this?  I wear my rainboots, of course.  Dress in the proper coat (pink raincoat to the rescue) and just brave the elements.  The rain was pervasive but mild.  We don’t really get mist in the Philippines.  Like I kiddingly tell the people who ask me about seasons back home, we only have the wet and dry seasons.  No spring, no fall and no winter.  It’s summer or it’s not.

Like snow, there is a certain magic to the mist.  You don’t see it but feel it falling gently on your skin.  There are times when it falls strong enough for you to feel wet enough to whip out the umbrella, but there are times when you will just let it fall and put your face up to the wind.

In a naughty mood, I had texted a friend earlier if he could make the rain stop.  His curt yet hilarious reply: “I can’t make anything happen these days.  However, I spoke briefly to the rain department who said that I should stop calling them.”  I literally laughed out loud, while on the phone, upon reading his quip.

It was misty when I stepped out for a quick coffee and hug from a dear old friend from college who popped up from Connecticut.  I suddenly get a message he was at the consulate, five blocks away.  It had been a while since we last saw each other — so I grabbed the chance to catch up.  Those chance meetings — unplanned, though they may be — turn out to be the things that make one’s day on a misty Monday like yesterday bearable.  And don’t forget about the rain department!

Tuesday sees us with similar weather, but I can hear the birds chirping outside.  That can only mean that it hasn’t been as bad.  Not quite as windy (hopefully), and maybe, the sun will wake up from it’s slumber and stretch out even for a bit.  We’re not even hitting 60 today, temperature-wise, and that IS cold.  I guess it’s a day for coats, and maybe a decent pair of warm leggings.

This is the way we live here in New York.  Makes me miss the heat and humidity that everyone hates about Manila.. If you guys only knew..

And the sun came out…even if just for a peek

I’m on solo parenting duty all week, and we did Religious Ed yesterday, brunch at Barnes and Noble, then we just stayed home.

Yesterday, I brought him in on time, attended mass (which I caught during the Homily) but I ended up with more than half an hour to kill.   I was actually hoping  to wait just inside the door of the school because it was cold out, but I was told that wasn’t allowed due to “security issues”. I know I should be grateful that they are taking school safety seriously, but really now… And to think I was polite enough to ask permission.  I was a little miffed by it but I turned around and walked towards one of the Church doors and the lady who turned me away had stepped out and was directing me towards another entrance — like I wouldn’t know. Or maybe she felt a tinge of guilt for having turned me away, but I was heading to another door because I wanted to pray to Mama Mary — and I told her, but that was awkward and totally unnecessary.

I walked into the Church towards the corner I had in mind, sat down, and I took  a deep breath and said a prayer.  I know, I was over-reacting.  That’s why I said a prayer.

The rest of my Sunday turned out fine — although I have to admit I only managed to tick off two of the five on my list of to-do’s for the weekend.  (#s 1 and 2)  I’ll get on with the other three tonight… if not tomorrow night.

I did have an eventful evening with my mother-in-law knocking on the bedroom door at 1am. (!)  Too long a story to write (and a tad bit aggravating), but the long and short of it is I just charge her forgetting she had eaten or what she had eaten to age.  She’s 82 and afflicted with dementia and alzheimer’s.  It’s just a little tough when I end up taking care of everything the days Alan is away. (If he were here, it would be him getting up at 1am.)  It was just a little creepy, too, hearing someone fiddling with the door instead of literally knocking.  Then it stopped.  Then it resumed… that’s what woke me up.

The morning saw the surrounding area thick with fog, so the walk to school was rather damp with a light mist falling.  After dropping off my little guy, I took an alternate route to the bus stop and took these pictures, and now I look out into the mid-Manhattan beyond the boss’s panoramic view and I see the sun has come out.  And now it’s dark and cloudy out again.  Talk about the ambivalence of nature.

This Foggy Monday Morning
It was rather eerie although there were no scary sounds accompanying the fog.

Monday… This Foggy Monday Morning

Muggy Friday in New York

The Empire State Building and the equally imposing Chrysler Building are both hiding beneath a thick cover of fog this muggy Friday in New York.  Describing the weather is a little tricky because we don’t have “mist” back in Manila.  But it is just that: a mist or a spray.  Not quite the type you’d pull an umbrella out for, but for the likes  me who starts sneezing at a drizzle, it can be quite a dilemma.  So I think I will stay indoors for lunch and go down to the cafeteria.

My weekend hasn’t officially begun and here I am whining I wish it could be longer.  Most mornings I wake up wishing I could linger in bed, then I come to grips with the reality that the boy has school and I have to get the whole gang going.  These days the coffeemaker has been given a rest thanks to an espresso machine that Alan received as a gift.  I actually enjoy it more than regular brewed coffee.  Makes me wish my mom, a coffee lover like Alan, was here so she could enjoy it, too.

I am getting more active in terms of posting in the shop again and hope to put in more items over the weekend.  Sales that have come in in the last couple of days have been encouraging and have stirred my creative juices to flow again.   Even creating packaging for the mail has me challenged, but I welcome them all!

Sadly, there are just not enough hours in a day and I usually succumb to fatigue before I can even get half of what I wanted to do done.   Thinking about it now, I can’t help but wonder if my sense of frustration flows from the fact that I am putting too much on my plate.  List too long?  I think I have to simplify it to one doable task that will make me feel like I did accomplish something.

Oops, minutes ticking by and my super express bus will be leaving it’s corner post soon.  Have to go and head home!  Later…