Between Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams

I opted to get off a stop earlier on my way to the hotel for the ride home and check out the MoMA gift shop since I knew they’d be open late because it was a Friday. (Uniqlo Fridays are from 4-8pm when the public is allowed to enter the museum free.). They always have new postcard offerings and their sale rack always has a robust selection. The only thing is that while the rack is labeled “SALE”, they have no price tags. Regular postcards sell for $1.25 to $2.00, and the postcards that were on sale went for .25 and .50 cents. You can’t go wrong with that!!

I took my pick of 8-10 postcards, trying not to splurge, and milled around. I spied an Andy Warhol postcard book which I almost grabbed, but I thought I’d get some lenticular (3d) postcards instead. Walking to the check out line, though, I saw a special rack dedicated to items focusing on Ansel Adams. And there it was, a postcard set (not a book) of Ansel Adams photography. Ansel Adams won out and I happily grabbed it..Vintage Postcards: To keep or to give away?

Not to say that I think Ansel Adams is a better or bigger artist than Andy Warhol — I have great respect for these two names who are superstars in their respective genre (photography and pop art respectively) — but I figured I could always go back for the Warhol. While I try not to fall prey to procrastination when it comes to postcard buys (“I’ll grab it next time.”), I try not to go overboard with the postcard shopping. I could’ve grabbed both but I thought that was a bit much.

The art postcards which were on sale will be a good addition to my collection and for trading with others with a preference for non-touristy postcards.

I’ve been going through my vintage postcard collection and sorting out what I can get rid of, either by way of trading them off, selling them on eBay or just giving them to someone who would be able to use them for their collection. I’ve pretty much confined my antique/vintage preferences to Philippines, New York, and other places we’ve visited like Paris and Brugge. I acquired these other antique postcards through other postcard lots I had bought or received in previous years. I figure someone would find value in them as part of their collection or as plain ephemera for other use.

Any takers? Email me at with “vintage postcards” in the subject line.

Meanwhile, here’s to Ansel Adams and the MoMA..=).

At the MoMA: Lunch at Terrace 5 (The Carroll and Milton Petrie Café)

I don’t get to go out as often as I used to except when I am with the boys which is a given. (More posts on Lake George coming, by the way.) I like to showcase the sights and sounds of my home, New York, whenever I can, and I caught up with an old friend from high school and her mom who were visiting from Australia and Manila. I took the chance to show them New York’s pride, the Museum of Modern Art, and we grabbed lunch at The Carroll and Milton Petrie Café or Terrace on 5 which was a full service restaurant on the 5th level of the museum.

Sadly, it’s only when I have friends or family visiting that I get to go and sample the offerings about town. So take a look at the prix-fix lunch I had.

Terrace 5 at the MoMA : cheese platter for starters

Terrace 5 at the MoMA: Summer salad

Terrace 5 at the MoMA: Prosciutto and Mozzarella Bruschetta with summer tomatoes

Terrace 5 at the MoMA: yummy s'mores

The Museum of Modern Art is located on 53rd Street between 5th and 6th. The museum also has an entrabce on the 54th street end as it runs through the bock.

From rain to sunshine

Rainy afternoon in New York City

I’m probably being overly optimistic with the blogpost title, but it’s stopped raining this Saturday, and the sun is being lazy, hiding behind some clouds.  We were pelted with rain and wind yesterday as you can see from the view from my window above taken late Friday and it rained all night.  It’s just nature taking care of us again, making sure we have enough water to sustain spring into summer.  Thankfully — at least in our area, that is — we didn’t have an over-abundance of mother nature’s blessing.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend.  Hoping to create a few pieces, and sending off some Zentangled Mail Art from Swap-bot that you can read more about at my craft blog, Gotham Chick, once I’m able to post (link to be supplied when the post is uploaded…).  I was supposed to mail it out this Saturday, but I ended up leaving my ‘inserts’ in the office.  (Mailing on Monday then!

I did my postcard giveaway video in connection with some lenticular (3D) postcards I picked up from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which I had picked up this week.  I got so excited seeing the new postcards displayed on their rack when I hopped over the museum shop before meeting up for the ride home, I had to grab a copy plus an extra before they ran out.  I had advertised the giveaway at our Postcrossing Philippines Facebook group and I promised the drawing would be my Saturday.  I wanted to show that it was all done above board, so the video pertaining to the actual drawing is straight-through, uncut, so there are no substitutions, cuts or what-not.  All fair!  =)  I’m sending the winner’s postcard prize (I had them choose the artist) via snail mail with some extra goodies.  Playing postcard santa!

I guess now that THAT’s done, I can look at maybe beginning another Philippine Map hand-drawn postcard before the weekend ends.  (I currently have five finished which I am dying to post but scanning the PC has been too much trouble.  I will try again next week.)

So here’s the video I worked on this evening.  I’m totally bushed after editing it and putting music to it, so no, you don’t have to bear with my narration/spiel.  It was fun to make, though.

If you’re interested to get any of the postcards in the video, please e-mail me at postcardmailbox at


My Little Guy, the Big Man

On the way home last night, my little guy calls and leaves a message, and speaking in as authoritative a voice as an 8-year-old can muster, he says “Mama, don’t forget to get me a large strawberry ice cream later, okay?”

It is so amusing that he can actually speak like an adult on a juvenile topic like ice cream, and I can’t help but smile at the thought that my boy is growing up so fast.  He stands taller than my shoulders now so I’ve had to get his next size in jeans.  (And I am not getting a reprieve on that because GAP continues to have a monopoly on “hook” instead of button jeans.  And for some reason, he thinks anything that aren’t jeans are “uncool”.). Still, scary or eerie musical scores get to him — even if he can sit through the gore of CSI, the monsters of Grimm or the goo of Fringe.  (Here’s grown up question while catching an episode of Fringe: “Mama, is that Walter or Walternate from the parallel universe?”..)  His hugs are tighter now although I can’t help but wonder if his fascination for boobies are because of his having been breastfed to age 2.

He’s a very, very picky eater, too, but once he finds a certain food item to his liking, like me, he will eat it meal after meal.  Just as I can have tapa with itlog na maalat and kamatis or inihaw na tilapia for lunch all week, he’ll have pan de sal or cereal and milk or bacon and rice every day.

I marvel at how much of me I see in him, and I keep hoping he becomes an even better me.  I often catch myself babying him which I am trying very hard not to do too much of, but I start thinking of when he will not be as affectionate as now so I try to enjoy it while it lasts.  Already, he is refusing to rub noses with his Dad in public which is their “exclusive” show of affection to each other.  But kisses are still okay, he says.

He’s growing up so fast.  Before I know it, he’ll be going off to college.

Tomorrow, we have a date in the city.  I’m still trying to decide if I’ll do a half day or take the day off, but he’s not accepting a rain check.  He says we WILL go.  The Museum of Modern Art apparently has a toy car exhibit which I read about while doing one of my newspaper collage postcards.  (One thing I like about doing the collage postcards is that I get to skim the headlines at least and occasionally, stop and read a full article.  I have friends who check on the day’s news by going to, and here I am with multiple copies available not only of The New York Times, but of The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times as well, and I am not reading the news!)

But back to my little guy.  I promised him we’d go check the exhibit, but not before we check out the kid paradise that the Times Square Toys R’Us is nearby.

This one’s a little tough to disappoint — he is, as we say in the vernacular, pikon.  I’m sort of watching that because I want him to be able to deal with disappointments better.  Again, a little bit of the younger me in him again.  I only wish he’d get over it sooner than I did.  (Hoping to save him from the heartache and frustration.). Then again, we learn from our heartaches and frustration.  It is through falling that we learn how to get up again.  As his Mom, I guess, I wish I could take the fall for him, but we can really only do so much.  Sometimes, all we can really do is watch from a distance.

I like these dates he and I have.  I hope that when he’s older, he’ll be able to say “I loved those times we went out together, just you and me, Mama..” .. I know I will…