Saturday and the week that was


The first week of the year is just ending and I think mine went pretty well. Busy at work, back to the grind, but in a steady kind of way that was not rushed or overly chaotic. It was not exactly just any other week with the events that unfolded in the Capitol during the middle of the week. That one was a very sad event for me.

Audible sigh.

As someone watching from the sidelines during that day, I felt troubled and worried for the people who were trapped in the building. I feared for those tasked with protecting them. I shuddered to think about the Covid superspreader unfolding with only one in maybe 15-20 people wearing a mask. And I was sad for what the world was seeing as they watched events play out. I prayed for peace.

Things have somehow simmered down but tempers are still flaring. We can only really hope for the best. It seems to have been a wake up call for many politicians — and the leaders who have been tasked to be our voice. Let’s hope they pick up the lessons to be learned from what happened instead of fanning the flames higher.

My screen grab from tv coverage of the Capitol Seige
Screen Grab while I watching events unfold on television

Beyond that, the week was fine. I started off rather slow as the boss took the first day off. I noticed there were a few people that had actually taken the week off instead of hitting the ground running after the holidays. That’s a thought.

My two week holiday (well, almost.. because I worked here and there — for a bit) was long enough to help me get ready for the start of the year. I rested, I did chores, slept in, and enjoyed the spirit of the season. It was not short to make me wish for a day or two more, and not long enough for me to want to wish it was Monday already. I had a good holiday.

Work has been normally busy, so no rest for the weary, but I am grateful to still be working.

I started off the year with a boatload of optimism. Cautious, though. I am well aware that the Covid surge is raging, and while life seems to have almost returned to a sense of normalcy, it is farthest from anything we did or felt this time last year.

So this morning, I gave myself the extra hour or so in bed like I usually do on weekends. I browse the news headlines, checked my emails, look at messages and just enjoy the warmth of my bed. I take it slow and relax. Sometimes I go back to sleep — although that is rare. I saunter off to the kitchen, weigh myself and begin my day.

Sunny but cold today. Breakfast was Egg and tomato hash — one of my weird food faves. My mom always used to ask why I wouldn’t add onions — the usual scrambled egg variation we grew up with. Simply because I like the taste of egg and tomatoes and banana ketchup which I had. Happiness.

I had a list of errands to run which I am ticking off in my head as I write this.

– Stop by the cleaners to drop off some coats for dry cleaning.

– Wash some of the large crochet projects I had done in 2020 which were used — but hardly — before I store them away.

– Maybe head off to the Michael’s around 5000 steps away to grab more storage bins to continue organizing my craft supplies.

– Disassemble the boxes that carried items that arrived over the week for disposal.

– Put away the christmas decor. (My son had actually taken off the tree decor, but I need to organize them into the storage boxes that are up in the attic, and then take out the lights.)

– I have postcards and letters to write.

– Begin my 2021 Art journal. (Excited about this!)

Looks like my weekend is spoken for. Between today and tomorrow, I have my work cut out for me.

Well, the chores are waiting, and I have to head out soon if I am to get out the stuff I need to drop off to the cleaners. The sun is shining high but I can hear the wind blowing fiercely. The temperatures are hovering between almost and below freezing. Here’s to a peaceful and productive weekend for everyone.

So 2013 begins…

Experimenting with a panoramic shot:Midtown on a winter night
My new year has been quiet, just the way I like it.

New Year’s Eve was uneventful and rather relaxing thanks to dinner out, and when the clock struck midnight and the ball dropped in Times Square, the boy was lightly snoring on the sofa beside me, so we went straight to bed afterwards. January 1 was spent at home and I just relaxed between cooking meals for everyone. I sat on the breakfast counter and had caught up on several episodes of  CSI NY, Criminal Minds and NCIS all throughout the day — and even got to begin work on my new Art Journal Every Day book. I thought about stopping by here and writing up a New Year post, but I was just too lazy.  I just wanted to enjoy the last day of my 1 1/2 weeks vacation before hitting work today.

Well, back to work for me.  It was a long day at work and I’m not even all caught up yet.  It’s good that I have the rest of the week to hopefully get things in order after my long break.

I’m not complaining, though.  But can they just stop the goodies from flooding the pantry please?  They actually had authentic rum cake today — thankfully, it was drenched in enough rum to make people take teeny-weeny portions instead of full slices.

Lunch was cheese and crackers (left over for lack of a toast at the strike of midnight — Note to self: buy the bubbly next year) — and I have a new cheese favorite beyond my old regulars  Camembert and Pont l’Eveque: the Saint-Andre (from FreshDirect).  Creamy and served in a thicker chunk — it’s like biting through a cheese-only cheesecake minus the sweet but with the creaminess and richness of a milky cheese.  Perfect with my olive and rosemary crackers.   I wouldn’t have minded sparkling cider — no alcohol needed, but it would be great with champagne.

I took a look out my window 41 floors up and saw the Empire State Building in glorious red and green.  It doesn’t matter that I see this every day I am at work — it still makes me awestruck even if my favorite, the Chrysler Building is just a short distance away with its perennial white illumination.  I look down and pan from left to right and back and I am just mesmerized by the view.

I wanted to go home but I thought I’d try and grab a few shots and maybe try working the panoramic “swing” which I am trying to get the hang of.  This was an angled down-ward “swing” from right to left capturing the Empire State Building and the New York Public Library and Citipond down by Bryant Park.  42nd Street is visible on the lower left-hand portion of the photo.

One gem out of around 20-30 panoramic shots made it worth it.  I just might try again tomorrow during the sunset.

Thus went my first day back at work after New Year’s.  Tomorrow, it’s back to the grind for me.  10:33 and I’m trying to make a mental checklist of the rest of the chores I need to do before turning in.  I wish I had an extra 4 hours… or that I could drag myself out of bed at 4am.  (That only gives me 2 hours on the morning end — and I’m really a nocturnal person.)

Time to sign out and get ready for bed.  I might yet get an Art Journal Every Day entry somehow.