Food Trip: A lobster roll from The Lobster Roll

This is a place that we have been to many times before on the way to the wineries of the North Fork area along the backways.  (The Lobster Roll Northside on Old Sound Road).

I just thought it would make for a tempting piece to show you what I always get when we drive by for a quick  bite.

Their Lobster Roll is simply delicious and meaty lobster heaven!  Not too heavy on the mayonnaise, and just right with the seasonings.  (Some lobster rolls tend to be too heavy on the bay seasoning which is good in moderation, but overpowering when used generously on seafood.)

The Lobster Roll Northside's Lobster roll

Take note that they are only open on weekends in the winter months, but they are definitely worth the drive.

Here’s someone being funny by the bar where we sat. (The place was packed and unfortunately, outdoor seating was closed due to the low temperatures.

Beware of Attack Lobster